Which Novel Cliche Do You Hate the Most?

Which Novel Cliche Do You Hate the Most?

I always liked to read. Some of the books were too much to handle at the moment, but I didn’t mind. Some of them were wonderful, but some of them were a bad version of the good ones. There is one particular cliché that I hate the most. It’s a prince and princess romance cliché.

We all heard or read at least one love story – Cinderella (Perrault), Snow White (Grimm) or Sleeping Beauty (Perrault). All of them, beautiful and vulnerable girls, needs to be saved from evil. That job can only be done by a handsome prince. He saves her, they fall in love, and she becomes a princess. Every princess ends up marrying the young, good-looking prince and they all live happily ever after. All problems are solved.

If we learn something from history, it's that life of a princess never was so pink and fluffy. She always ends up married to some old king or ugly prince. And prince hardly was the savior of anyone. Most of the men from that time were living approximately until their 40s, so this happily ever after was a very short one.

This cliché is the worst of all. It’s been entirely twisting the story told to us from our early ages. We believed and built our first life conclusions, based on it. After some time, we all realized that we have to update our vi to catch-up with modern life.

New age princess gets a job and learns to save herself on a daily basis. New age prince only wants to be left alone and play online war games with his also-prince friends. And here’s the point where cliché dies, you think. But you’re wrong. We all need some dreams to dream when we are young, so this cliché is indestructible and always waits for new generations to come.

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