Veritas Prep Announces a More Effective Way for Students to Master SAT Vocabulary with iPhone App

High school students have a new choice when it comes to mastering SAT vocabulary. Veritas Prep today announced the availability of a new free app, called SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep to make learning common SAT level words easier. The app allows students to play games, take quizzes and master important vocabulary words through memory retrieval instead of memorization, all on their iPhone. The SAT Vocabulary app is a complement to the other free online SAT prep resources offered by Veritas Prep.


The iPhone app includes stimulating features that will keep students engaged on the path to success. Features include:

  • An innovative scoring system that helps students track their progress toward becoming a “master of vocab”
  • A database of over 500 commonly used SAT level words
  • Sentences that show students how words are used, not just their meanings
  • Missions and games to challenge students (including brutally hard levels for those vocab masters)


The app also utilizes three powerful and proven learning techniques that help ensure students retain more of what they learn.


Adaptive Learning: The app keeps track of how well students know each word and emphasizes words students need to work on so they feel comfortable with the material they already do know.


Spaced Repetition: A technique that exposes students to words gradually over time so that they become a part of long-term memory learning.


Retrieval Practice: Students are asked to retrieve words from memory through exercises like writing sentences for words, which promotes long-term memory.


“High school students are busy people. Between academics and extra-curricular activities, they are always on the go. The app makes SAT prep easy to do anywhere, at anytime. Plus, this app employs learning techniques that encourage a deep understanding of new words rather than simple memorization which will help students achieve their highest possible score,” said Chad Troutwine, co-founder and CEO of Veritas Prep.

The SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep can be found in the Apple store by searching for Veritas Prep. To learn more about other SAT prep resources from Veritas Prep and its college admissions consulting services visit

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