The future of education is also automation

The future of education is automation on two fronts. Automation of education delivery its self, and education of automation technology topics. So no mater what way you look at it, "Automation" is a key subject in the future of education. Additionally, speaking of the future, the future of education will be more niche, short, specialized courses, designed to provide expertise to help workers keep up with the ever increasing automation advances. 

Take the Industrial sector for example. Machine and process automation advances have been a driving force for niche specialized short course for decades. Our company has been on the leading edge of course content creation and delivery in the industrial sector for decades. In our industry, we had to provide a way to compliment hands-on training within the software based certificate courses. (To keep the need for actual equipment and hardware to a minimum making training goals more cost effective and accessible.) To do this we utilize interactive simulation to not only train, but test learners. Needs that can not be effectively obtained with just old-school power point type scholastic software courses.

Side Note: To accomplish interactive simulation training, we had to deliver certificate courses via downloads and CDs, as online course format was restricted by internet bandwidths and  couldn't handle real world interactive simulation in the desired quality to result in a positive experience for learners. Now that bandwidth and online programming technology has evolved, caught up with our forward thinking, we are hard at work designing online version. 

As more and more jobs get automated, other industries besides the industrial sector will need to implement this blended learning approach. In the industrial sector, our industrial automation courses with real world simulation have served us well for safety reasons too. As well as cost.

If your educational institution has industrial automation technology training needs, be sure to see our current site license certificate course bundle discounts. You will be amaze at the forward thinking we applied to that aspect to. things like super low cost, no annual fees, unlimited users and installations, not expiration and much more. See Industrial Automation Technology and Simulation course bundles today.

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