StudentShare is an online essay database designed to help students with studying. It is a free source where students are welcome to download assignments, lab reports, research papers, term papers and other texts to use them as samples for their own works. StudentShare is a quite helpful tool especially for those students, who suffer from procrastination or need a super-urgent assistance.

            There are three ways for you to get free papers at StudentShare. You have to register and then choose the most suitable option among these:

  • Free user.

As a free user, you can download three papers per day. Sometimes, three essays per day is just enough to cope with your homework, isn’t it?

You can get a paid account which gives you unlimited access to papers. The prices are quite affordable while the database is really huge (more than 1,000,000 academic papers).

  • Contributor.

This is the most interesting option available at StudentShare. It works this way: if you have your own essay of good quality on your computer, you are free to upload it to the database and, therefore, share it with others. This also gives you free access to limitless essay papers.

Quality of papers

            We have downloaded three papers to evaluate them and write this review. These papers were: Social Psychology Research on Motivation (Psychology), Ancient Greek Philosophical Thought - Final Exam (Philosophy) and Group Decision Making (Sociology). These pieces were really good – there were no mistakes and misprints, the content was well-structured, formatted and logically-composed. Well, as for a free sample paper, these are really nice.

            To sum up, StudentShare is absolutely worth your attention. However, don’t even try to turn in these papers as your own. It is a risky affair because many students could have been using them, too. 

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