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Today is the 12th anniversary of my career as a freelance professional writer. It seems like only yesterday when I was worried about not being able to find a regular job. Then I chanced upon an advertisement for academic writers on the internet. I applied for the job and the rest, as they say, is history.

I was a fresh out of college AB English graduate at the time. Being a Liberal Arts graduate, I truly excelled in writing essays and other analytical papers. That is why I tried to get a regular job as a writer soon after graduation. It turns out though that after more than a year of looking for work, Lady Luck had something else planned for me.

I started out as a personal essay writer for college applicants. I felt most comfortable writing those papers because it did not require any research and the revision rate was minimal. Eventually, though, I found myself getting bored with just writing personal college application essays. I decided to try my hand at writing simple research papers, and I liked it. The complexity of my paper specializations rose from there, and today, I am one of the most successful academic writers at the company where I work, with a 50 percent rate of the client request and an equal number of client returns in terms of repeat business for our company.

Maybe it was because I always wrote from the heart when it came to writing personal essays. That’s why my repeat clients always told me just to use my own experience or my own imagination. They loved how I wrote the paper either way. My research paper clients though, always told me that they loved my attention to detail. Every paper that I wrote for them came back highly graded because of the way the paper oftentimes included small factual representations that normally would be omitted in the presentation, even if it was critical to the research. From there, I also began to receive referrals from my regular clients. They would often recommend me to their friends for the writing of their own papers. While I acknowledge that my rise in popularity was perhaps slow and impressive to the company owners, I felt like it was an overnight sensation and I had to learn how to handle the popularity of my writing skills.

I will always be grateful to the essay writing service that hired me. Thanks to them, I have a regular job and a steady inflow of cash every month. I will never forget how they trusted me with my first admission essay help client, the QAD guided me until I was able to perfect my presentation of the paper. I will have to say though that, while I enjoy my popularity as a writer, it does have its pros and cons.


  • The money is good although variable.

One must learn how to save up for a rainy day because it comes every year when the students are on break from school.

  • I am my own boss

I don’t need to answer to anybody. Well, except the client that is.

  • I learn new things with every paper that I write.

 Right now, I can discuss any topic under the sun with anybody. That’s how wide my perspective of the world became and how intellectually advanced I developed as well.


  • Having to be on call even while sleeping.

The office tends to call up an in-demand writer when a rush work order comes in. Since I fall under that category, I always have my phone beside me, and I sleep lightly. Just in case a call comes in, I don’t want to miss it.

  • Scheduling Conflicts

When work orders come in simultaneously with the same deadline, expect your calendar to blow up.

  • Lack of Personal Rest Time

Expect your personal rest day schedule to change when the company calls you to request that you cut it short in favor of an urgent, special request paper.

If you can work with the crazy work hours and don’t mind not having too much of a rest day, then feel free to come try out the freelance writing job.

Here are a few tips to get you started in this business.

  • Familiarize yourself with various writing styles

You need to be familiar with the writing format and citation requirements for the 3 most popular writing styles. These would be APA, MLA, and Chicago. There are others in the list, but they are not as often used as the 3.

  • Use the latest MS Office program

By using Microsoft 2016, you gain a powerful encoding program that automatically detects spelling and punctuation issues, along with grammar error correction. It is the only encoding program you will ever need. Trust me on that.

  • Be prepared for revision requests

Being a new writer, you will still be on a learning curve. That means you will make mistakes in presentation, citation, and other issues may also come up with the paper that will need correcting. Don’t take it personal, it’s a learning experience for you.

  • Learn from the work of others

Brush up on your essay reading. Read published academic research and similar papers to help familiarize yourself with the best ways of approaching certain topic discussions. By reading the work of others, you can also develop your own writing style, which will be a plus for you in the workplace.

Freelance essay writing can be a successful career for those who are willing to dedicate their lives to the development of their craft. After all my time in the business, I can say that I still have a few more things to learn and I look forward to learning these lessons.

A successful writer is willing to make mistakes, learn from them, then make sure it never happens again. While the road to success as a freelance writer is paved with rough roads, it will be beneficial to you later when you become known as a prolific and excellent academic writer within the client circle of your company.





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