Life is short. So balance life to fill it with the wonder of your passions.


Follow your passions, and play on the path to pamper those passions. For me, grandkids and family are my main passion. Most of my family live elsewhere, so technology helps keep us in touch and sharing. Teaching and technology follow. Therefore, I am energized when I connect with my family, teach well by leading my students to their passions, and apply technology to make it all work. Part of this is my second family, my online personal learning network who inspire me with ideas, strategies, encouragement, and collaboration to become the best I can be.


What is an example?


My PLN friend Paula Naugle ( @plnaugle )   and her friends (   @scitechyEDU, @BarbaraDay  ) decided to start a summer project like the 365 Photo Project. Information is here: Google Doc #JJAProject . The Flickr group is here.  I signed up and started this blog: Frame And Focus.


So I found a project where I could live a passion -- take photos to share with family and friends.  This in turn has introduced me to more creative and passionate teachers and tweeples. We are introducing our lives and passions to each other, and sharing stories of importance to us. It is a reflective and refreshing journey that hones my photography and writing passions as the members become online colleagues while I share with my those in my personal life. In addition, the project members also share tips of technology (Picassa, Picnik, Flickr, Big Huge Labs, BeFunky, etc.) and suggestions and ideas for future lessons. It is a real joy, and definitely helped me play with my passions. Thank you, Paula and friends.


This energizing project blends personal and professional, placing balance on a wider path.  What about you? Are your professional and personal lives far apart? How do we who work in such a demanding and social career find a positive balance? What do you do? How about joining the project?

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