Harriet Tubman - FREE eBook and Audio for March

Heroine's, politicians, royalty, leaders, aviators, doctors and nurses, humanitarians (just to name a few), are some of the many women who dedicated their lives to their passion and beliefs. 


Amazing People Worldwide are proud to offer you our FREE eBook and Audio about one of America's most revered women - HARRIET TUBMAN.

What do you know about Harriet Tubman? Embark on a captivating history story like no other and visit Harriet and find out more about her amazing life. Born into slavery, Harriet became an abolitionist and humanitarian and went on to become a source of inspiration to others.

Tubman slave

Harriet's incredible story reminds us what courage is and how a determined nature can beat the odds....and Harriet Tubman certainly had many odds stacked against her!  

Frederick Douglass wrote to Harriet and in his letter he praised her, "I know of no one who has willingly encountered more perils and hardships to serve our enslaved people than you have".

Our inspirational stories are an absorbing, interesting and effective way for all of us to reinforce our work ethics, to develop better career strategies and to enhance our personal lives.

This newly-developed concept in storytelling offers unique insights into how amazing people converted their opportunities into achievements.  Featuring historical celebrities as well as lesser-known names, this extensive digital story collection can inspire and motivate people to achieve their own ambitions in life.

Believe You Can and You Will card with colorful background

Just as Harriet Tubman did, you can believe in the future. A better and brighter future where you are in charge! Can you make better careers choices?

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