Getting Help: 3 Professionals Your College Student Should Know

Once your child heads off to college, you can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that you have done great so far. However, your parenting efforts continue until your child graduates from college and even well beyond. After all, you have profound knowledge and wisdom from your own life experiences that can be used effectively to help your child in various ways. Likewise, you may have some professional relationships that your child could benefit from in some situations. These are some of the professionals who you may want or need to introduce your child to in the years ahead.


Some parents continue to include their children on their tax return as a dependent until after their child has graduated from college. However, if a child does not pass the dependency test, he or she will need to file a personal tax return. If this is the situation for your child, pass along your CPA’s contact information. A young adult’s tax return is usually relatively simple, but there is always room for errors. The last thing that you want is for your child to get in hot water with the IRS because of an oversight, so referring your college student to your CPA makes sense.

A Headhunter

Consulting with a headhunter as soon as possible is a great idea for college students. This is particularly advantageous when the headhunter is affiliated with the field that your child is studying. Consider that a headhunter can provide your child with insight into the education credentials that employers are looking for today. This can help to guide your student’s education plan. In addition, some headhunters may be aware of part-time or internship opportunities that your child may be interested in.

An Attorney

No parent wants to think about their college student having a run-in with the law, but this is an experience that will be a reality for many young adults. In some cases, a college student may be arrested and charged with a crime. In other cases, the student may be a victim of a crime, such as is the case in a hit-and-run auto accident. Hiring an auto accident attorney may be an important step in these situations, and you can help your child to find a law firm that is the best fit for their needs.

You can see that your guidance and wisdom continue to be advantageous to your child well after he or she leaves home. These are only a few of the many ways that you will continue to play an important role in your young adult child’s life.

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