Basic Features of the Exam Generator Software

The technology is advancing and growing with each day, resulting in the increase of software developments for almost every industry and sector to ease the daily tasks. So it seems fair to use a software that can help you in simplifying the examination process. There are several software applications available in the market that can help ease the entire process of examination for both the examiner and the students. These software applications have for the most part of it replaced the traditional way of conducting exam. But which software helps in streamlining the examination process and how? Let us discuss what the software is, how it functions and what its salient features are.

Chronon - test paper generator software provided and developed by Yoctel caters to your exam paper generation needs and requirements. It is designed in a way that makes the user’s task of test paper generation a lot easier by reducing the time and increasing the efficiency of the staff of the schools, colleges and universities. This exam generator software online decreases the fuss of constant cut-copy-pasting and proof reading again and again, therefore increasing the reliability of the test paper. Having a good set of questions is as important as knowing how to use them appropriately and intelligently. Be it school/college teacher or a company HR, the user can now create exam papers with enhanced graphics and set of pre-typed questions.

The features of this exam generator software are devised for organizing and systematizing the questions. Below are some of its features:

  1. It provides the user with its own question bank database where you can find ‘n’ number of questions that will help in creating the test paper.
  2. The software provides the user with the facility of quick uploading of already typed set of questions onto the software in a word file with the explanation and answer reference.
  3. It allows the user to generate various types of question papers, with any exam patter and question type. Namely: MCQ – Group (Single, Multiple), Subjective and Descriptive Type, True and False, Matrix Max, etc, GATE, CSIR NET, UPSE CS, CBSE Board Exams, etc.
  4. With the feature of single depository system the user can upload all questions together and run a duplicity test to identify and differentiate. It also indicates the percentage of similarity of the questions.
  5. The user can generate new questions from already existing questions with the help of the question bank manager. The questions asking a similar concept but has a lot of topics under the same concept can be interchanged with others, saved and a there you have a brand new question from an already existing question.
  6. With its innovative module, the software lets you create test templates according to exam software patterns as well as exam types. The user can design basic structure of the test paper, i.e., sections, sub-sections required for the test papers, questions from different topics and chapters.
  7. When a question paper is generated by Chronon an automatic form also gets created including the distribution of questions in a tabular form to understand and get an idea about the quality of the question paper.
  8. The software provides security for the question bank, so that the questions don’t get leaked or stolen.
  9. If the teaching staff is missing or is not possible to generate the paper, in that case even the non-teaching staff can create the test paper of any desired format.
  10. It provides you with the facility of editing, changing and shuffling questions with the help of a unique question ID. The unique ID helps in finding the desired question of a particular subject, topic or a chapter.

Conclusion: Save your time, resources and money, increase the efficiency of the staff by employing and using the automatic paper generator software by Yoctel. It is one of the best and easiest software in the market to access and work on. As online exams have changed the whole outlook of the education system and therefore there is a need for a change in how we generate test papers with ease, simplicity, precision and reliability with a percentage check of accurate and appropriate set of questions. 

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