Today, we hear a lot about a person's mental health. We see the struggles of others in our own circles and in the media every day and sadly, also see some of their actions as a result of their issues.

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Psychology has become very much a part in the workplace today also. Businesses spend a considerable amount of time and money into investigating how to make people and organisations more effective.  Scientific research is used to study people, the workplace and organisations to better understand what and how to create a proactive, healthy and productive relationship between those involved.

For many years, amazing individuals have dedicated their lives to understand what makes people 'tick.'


One such person was Karen Horney.

Despite suffering from depression herself, Karen Horney became one of the first women to qualify as a medical doctor in Germany and the first female to qualify and practice in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. She took a deep interest in the causes of conflict in personal relationships.

Karen presented original and advanced theories regarding neurosis and her contributions to the psychology of women, in particular, have had a profound effect on how psychoanalytic therapy is approached today.

"The perfect normal person is rare in our civilization. Concern should drive us into action, not into a depression" - Karen Horney

Psychology in Business

psychology and business

Innovators like Thomas EdisonDr Elizabeth BlackwellAlbert Einstein and other proactive thinkers, combined both rational and emotional thinking to the resolution of problems. How people perceive a problem and their ways of solving it, will influence the outcome. Likewise, the motivation and energy people have for solving problems will also have an effect on the issues.


  • When did Karen Horney commence medical school?
  • Karen moved to what country in 1926?
  • How many neuroses did she identify?
  • How can psychology help businesses? Write a page on the benefits of understanding the individuals in the workplace, from managers to employees and the roles they play in a successful business. Ask yourself, 'what are good, sound actions that can be introduced to the workplace? How often should management and staff reinforce these lessons? What are the benefits of an on-line learning platform for employees?'

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