Pay Attention - Advertisement For Smarter Teaching

I posted my Pay Attention video to our Ning - not as an advertisement for our site, but simply as an push toward improved teaching. While you're more than welcome to use the resources we've created, I am mostly concerned that you effectively integrate technology into your teaching - regardless of where you learn how to do it.

The Jordan School District T4 website has been a worthwhile resource for many things related to technology in education, and will continue to serve the teachers in our district. To be honest, however, we simply can't compete with the read/write web as Classroom 2.0's 1,736 members are far better at adding/editing content than our five team members will ever be. In future discussions with my team, I will be stressing the need we have to simply adopt Classroom 2.0 as our ed-tech reference, saving our site for district-related content (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em).

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