Window to EduBlogger World - Quick Reflection

It's been nearly a week since our initial virtual meet-ups for EduBloggerWorld. Since the meet-ups, I've had a little time to think about what we experienced, and what we accomplished. As a result, I will now share a few observations I have made and pose a few questions for our community to answer. I will be frank and open, and encourage your thoughts as to how we can improve.

A Few Observations
  • First off, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis have worked very hard on this. Their efforts should be applauded. I enjoyed both Elluminate sessions that were held, each for different reasons.
  • Being led by different people, both Elluminate sessions differed in purpose and scope. This difference was good, as we all experience "different strokes for different folks". In the future, I think that sessions should be led by an even wider range of individuals - as our network is full of quality educators from around the world.
  • The attendance in both sessions was comparatively sparse. In total, there were probably around 35-40 people that attended some or all of both sessions. Compared with the 350 members of our community, I was anticipating a higher turn-out. One of the things that made the original EduBloggerCon so exciting was the high turn-out. There were nearly 100 bloggers present.
  • Attendance by EduBloggerWorld members from countries outside of the United States was extremely sparse. I'm not exactly sure on the numbers, but I would guess that there were less than five that attended both sessions from countries other than the U.S. Given that the whole reason this network was created was to enable international participation, I was very disappointed to see such a sparse turnout. I thought for sure that there would be at least one or two of mis amigos hispanoablantes to show up, as well, but their seemingly thriving sub-community went unrepresented in either session.
  • At this point, I would like to nominate several people for positions as Global Greeters. I feel very strongly that it is time for a few more "non-yankees" to assume leadership roles within our community.
  • Second Life sessions didn't take place - at least as far as I could tell. I wasn't able to jump in-world during the times listed for Aug 23 (I did hit the Bloggers' Cafe just before the 2nd Elluminate session), but don't think anybody gathered.
  • We began excellent discussions centered on topics that affect us all - as educators and as bloggers. See this wiki page for a run-down.
  • I am very excited for our next virtual meet-up, which is scheduled to be held on September 18, 9pm Eastern US Time.
A Few Questions
  • What will future meet-ups be like? How well will they be attended? Are they worth the effort?
  • What additional preparations should be made for future meet-ups that will enable more people to attend?
  • How can this community remain "non-U.S.-centric" if very few non-U.S. members step up and participate?
  • Should we continue to encourage and plan for events to be held in Second Life?

That's probably enough for now. I appreciate the connections I have already made with people on this network and look forward to future meet-ups.


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Comment by Darren Draper on August 29, 2007 at 11:31am
Thank you Gabriela.

I understand that we're all busy and that some days are better than others - in fact, this is probably the busiest time of the year for teachers in the northern hemisphere (beginning of the school year).

I simply hope to include more people in our discussions.
Comment by Gabriela Sellart on August 29, 2007 at 10:55am
Hi Darren, I'm one of the hispanohablantes who didn't show up. Thursday is one of my busiest days, perhaps I'll be able to make it on the 18th. I'm not used to online conferences and I admit the idea makes me a little nervous (working a lot on that day was a great excuse).

I watched and listened to one of the Elluminate sessions, the one Vicky (never thanked her) uploaded. I was amazed by the organization and the amount of work it surely involved. I loved the professional and at the same time relaxing atmosphere. I also became conscious of some topics I had never given a thought, such as the importance of tagging.

It's true this community will remain US centric if people from other communities don't participate more actively. I'll try to do my part, I really believe it's worth the effort. I can't believe the number of visitors from Argentina the counter shows, I really don't know where they are. I write in Spanish about my web 2.0 experience and have to confess I haven't written about this community. I will. I will write about the next sessions as well. Don' get too enthusiastic, I'm not promising hundred of attendees.

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