I'm excited to be connected to such a large and diverse group of educators. I have 10 years teaching experience and 2 years teaching as an instructional technology specialist for a regional cooperative (Monroe #1 BOCES) in Rochester, NY. A colleague and I serve 10 large school districts in eastern Monroe County.

Recently, I have been saying that I am tired of just understanding Web 2.0, I want to use it. While I have been teaching blogging, podcasting, wiki-ing, and the like to hundreds of teachers I don't feel as though anything is sticking. A change is needed. So, I've decided to join the edublogosphere and try to create my own learning community. Thus far it has been a success, simply look at the group here at Classroom 2.0. I have lots of "friends" that I can connect with and help support. I want to participate. I want to learn. I want others to learn from what I am doing here in Web 2.0.

So, I look forward to meeting more of you online or in person and learning from you how you blog, podcast, wiki, etc. How you connect curriculum, how you ignite personal learning within teachers and students (and administrators) as well as within yourselves.

Please feel free to send me a IM, Tweet, e-mail, comment, etc. I'm trying to connect with whom i can by commenting and helping out in anyway I can. Isn't that what this is all about?

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Comment by John Maklary on July 14, 2007 at 10:34am
Hi Brian,

I too want to connect with folks that are getting into the nuts and bolts of web 2.0. I've been listening to a lot of the heavy hitter bloggers and I get it in the sense of the big picture. Now I want to implement this in my classroom (8th grade Digital Media) and spread this new learning style to other teachers. I empathize with you regarding getting other teachers on board. My solution is to model it in my teaching and use that as my advocacy tool. If they see it in action, then they are more likely to take a more adoptive attitude.

I don't see a classroom 2.0 group on this site yet. Should we create one that focuses on web 2.0 implementation... curriculum, lesson plans, etc?

My skype id is john.maklary if you ever want to talk or chat. You know, it would be good to set up some periodic skype casts or conference calls focusing on different specific topics that people can join.

Hope to talk to you more!


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