Jay Cross, informal learning evangelist, has suggested to create lists of favourite top 10 elearning tools.

This is the question: "What are your Top 10 tools - for your own personal working and learning and/or creating, delivering or supporting others' learning?"

Here is my top 10 tools list:


http://ict.paginablog.nl/ict/firefox_logo.html Firefox Firefox is my favourite browser for its flexibility and plugins.


Welcome to netvibes Netvibes

Netvibes is an easy to use RSS reader and startpage (with mail, searchers, bookmarking, calendar, twitter, ...).


Gmail Gmail Google Google Search Gmail + Google Apps+ Google Search -Great tools, all together.
Google Apps
(Gmall, Google Calendar, Google Talk,
Docs & Spreadsheets)


del.icio.us Del.icio.us - Essential bookmarking tool. Good network and search options.


 Blogger Blogger Blogger - Maybe Wordpress is a better blog editor, but Blogger is easier and provides a better blogging service


Twitter.com twitter

Twitter - Microblogging makes you think about what you are doing and keeps you in touch with people you like from all over the world.



Ning - Eduspaces may be better, but the social networks Classroom 2.0 and Edublogger have been created at Ning


Yahoo Groups Yahoo Groups - My favourite language teaching mail groups are there and it is a very good service.


Wikispaces Wikispaces

Wikispaces - Wikis can become very useful educational tools

10 SlideShare Logo Slideshare Flickr - a Yahoo! company flickr Slideshare - And other web 2.0 sites (Flickr, YouTube, Scribd, Odeo, ...) as a great source of materials, communication and learning.
YouTube Scribd

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Comment by Jose Luis cabello on July 31, 2007 at 10:33pm
I like your list, too.
Not easy to choose only ten web tools.

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