Welcome to my blog.
Here you will find some ideas and criteria I keep in mind when designing learning activities for students.
I want this blog to be also a sort of diary where I can write down some of the problems, challenges, questions and doubts I have when looking at the products my students create.

To begin I ´d like to say that introducing blogging as part of the learning activities in my language class has been a successful activity. I usually begin a blog with tthe school year to publish my activities and my students create theirs to collect their projects and make a portfolio.

After 3 years of implementing blogs as part of my language courses it has become clear to me that time to monitor students progress is one my biggest challenges. It takes 3 times longer to check students progress in blended learning environments.

To describe the tasks and projects I ask my students I will first talk about two big categories of projects.
Those that involve reading information on Internet, using it and presenting the results or products in class ( e.g. a brochure) and those that involve creating and publishing online (e.g. a digital photo story).
The first are usually less time consuming since most of the sharing among peers and with me takes place in the classroom during the time alloted to class.
The second type requires a lot more time outside class hours.Everyone dives in a our place for finding each other ( a blinklist) and checks everybody´s work.

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