To lead  this  Human  Society  from  (1)  Darkness to light  (2)  Ignorance to knowledge  (3)  Untruth to truth         (4)   Death  to  immortality  (5)   World War  to  World Peace and also to reno…

To lead  this  Human  Society  from  (1)  Darkness to light  (2)  Ignorance to knowledge  (3)  Untruth to truth         (4)   Death  to  immortality  (5)   World War  to  World Peace and also to renovate the modern man and to establish World peace and to resuscitat​e humanity, Reincarnation Research Centre brought out the following free English Books through INTERNET, containing the knowledge of Jnana, Vijnana, Sujnana and Divya Jnana. 

These Books  will be the very source of Knowledge in the future Golden age  i.e.  SATHYA YUGA, like the                VEDAS and UPANISHATS of  present  KALI  YUGA.

1. Saksharathe = True Education  

                Sangeetha  - Music             =   First Part of True Education  

                Sahithya - Literature         =    Second Part of True Education

                Samskruthi - Culture         =   Third Part of True Education  

2. Sarthakathe - Right Living          =   Real life Darshan

3. Sakshathkara  - Self Realization =    Salvation

4. Research on Mental diseases and Secret of Mind  =  The greatest scientific discovery of all time

5. Research on Reincarnation and Survival of Soul  =   Secret of Nature and Creation. 

Dear  readers,

We  can  resuscitate  humanity  Based on The  foundation of  Reincarnation Scientific reality  To  Establish World Peace.


        To – day,     There  is  No  World  Peace,   Why ?  Because

The present day man is living in the midst of problems, worries, tensions and pressures created by dishonesty and dispute, hatredness and quarrels, injustice and violence, murder and destruction etc., due to nationality, linguistic and religious fanatism on one hand, and the disease of civilization and culture with its uncertainty of the notion of good and evil on the other hand.

The  crisis  of   humanity  is  the  result  of  Human  absurd  conduct.

Research on reincarnation for the past 40 years by our Reincarnation Research Centre in Bangalore and also by an American, Dr. Ian Stevenson the top most investigator on rebirth; with his assistants around the world, and also other esteemed researchers all around the world have established beyond anyone’s doubt that same individualities or personalities are born many times in different religions, nations, caste, creed,       gender,  learning  different  languages,  customs  and  systems.

This strongly upholds that our fellow human beings were our own fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends, relatives etc., and even our dogs and other pet animals in many other lives according to our karma. Then where is the meaning to fight in the name of religion, nations, languages, castes, creed and even  gender  of  human  beings?

I have attempted in unravelling more hidden truths. It is precisely these traits and tendencies of the previous existence that govern and dictate the present action and future destiny. Now you will be shown a number of Reincarnation case histories to substantiate the above claim. Some of these have come from children and adults who remembered their past lives, later their memories having been proven to be accurate. Others were retrieved by means of hypnotic regression techniques. Now  by proving Reincarnation reality scientifically in laboratory through thought-photography, Reincarnation becomes Scientific validity and reality.

The Reincarnation reality to-day opens its doors of wisdom for the people who consider wisely the meaning behind any nationality, language, religion and also realities of existence itself in the light of karma and reincarnation. This Reincarnation Scientific validity and reality naturally creates an atmosphere of positive attitudes and tendencies in the life of people at the personal, social, moral, ethical, religious, spiritual, national and international levels resulting in resuscitation of humanity leading to World Peace and prosperity.

It is high time that we possessed a courage of a new order to break away from the beaten track. That alone could open doors to vistas of progress, prosperity and peace. 

Reincarnation Research Centre is presenting herewith the details of scientific research done on reincarnation both in English and Kannada in the attached PDF Books to substantiate our stand to create awareness. Therefore read these books not to contradict and confute, not to believe and take for granted but, to weigh and consider what is attempted. After reading it you will no longer be the same person as you are now, at least as far as your outlook on life is concerned.

It is likely that some people may say that my claims in these books sound incredible. The contents presented to you here speak for themselves. All that I ask for is nothing but patience and careful reading, keeping an open mind. Kindly go through these books and pass  on this knowledge to all your friends  and relatives to create an awareness to renovate the modern man to establish World peace and to resuscitate humanity.

You  can  download  these  Free  PDF  Books  in  the  INTERNET  from  the  following  WEB SITE  as  mentioned  below


World Peace web page with covering letter and the following PDF Books are there for FREE DOWN LOAD. Download the book you want. 

  If you are enlightened and satisfied please print these books as much as you can and distribute freely among 10 or 100 or even 1000 of your friends and realatives.   

You are welcome to  give  your  feedback.

Our E-mail :  

No  copy  right  for  free  distribution of  the  following  Books.

Let  god  bless  you  and  your  children  for  all  your  good  work. 

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