5 Careers for Students that Are Good at Math

You were an excellent math student in school. Quadratic formulas, linear independence, combinatorial counting and the ideas of orthogonality did not hinder your imagination either. You could see how the world around you was bubbling with the concepts explained in one math text after another. You even decided to take up a major in mathematics as soon as you entered college. However, now that you are approaching graduation, you really are wondering what kind of field of work your math skills will serve you best at performing. The following are five careers that people good at math should consider.

A Math Professor

If your goal is to work in a math related field, while continuing to indulge your math interests, then becoming a professor of mathematics may be the job for you. Not only will you get an opportunity to share your love for math with other fresh minds, but math professors get to work on interesting research projects as well at the university level. You never know when you might be asked to collaborate with another professor on an attempt at solving the Twin Prime problem or making headway with a proof of the Reimann-Zeta Hypothesis.


Another area where mathematics is required is in high level engineering projects. Companies developing products or solving complicated physics problems often need engineers who have a strong mathematical background. It is not enough to know how physics works; the real work is in modeling the ideas properly with mathematical explanations that are shown to hold true under given systemic conditions.

Data Analyst

Do you see patterns in numbers that most people overlook? If so, then maybe a job as a data analyst is what you are looking for as a dream career. From code breaking in the military to using computers for sorting datasets and developing cutting edge algorithms for manipulating Big Data repositories, data analysts need a mathematical mind to develop approaches for handling the data they deal with on a daily basis.


If you are the kind of person who understands the math of taking risks and how to mitigate risk mathematically, then building a career as an investor may be the right job path for you. Not only is there a lot of money to be made in day trading and fund managing, but you can also take direct stake in companies through angel investing and get more up and close with the need to perform a proper risk analysis by the numbers. Many investors have a history in accounting or business. This will help you understand the crossroads between business and math. Accounting school give you a foundation that you can use throughout your career.  Some of the richest people in the world have been investors who used their math skills to derive investment systems that produce high rates of return on virtually every dollar they invested.


Another important job that employs a lot of math skills is an actuary. As an actuary, you may use statistical analysis to determine various types of risk for developing insurance policies. On the other hand, you may be deep in the risk analysis for a company to help guide its financial future. In some ways, an actuary is not all that different from an investor when it comes to addressing issues of risk analysis.

What the Future Brings

Graduation is rapidly approaching. Soon it will be time to find a career that suits your interests. With a few ideas of where you can put your math skills to work in hand, the future could prove to be a bright and profitable place. Many high level and higher wage jobs require the use of mathematics in one fashion or another. Fortunately, you are someone who possesses these skills and can take full advantage of the opportunities that are open to a person with your level of mathematical experience.

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