4 Reasons Students Take a School Year Sabbatical

When you are considering going to college, you may want to take a sabbatical year first. Today, more colleges are suggesting that students take a year off between high school and college for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to take a sabbatical year.

Caring for an Ill Relative

When you have an ill relative, you may need to take a year off from school to provide care for the individual. If a relative has a serious illness, including cancer, then the individual may need 24-hour care. Some students must care for a spouse who is ill, but other students are responsible for an ill parent or sibling. Contact your college’s financial aid office to understand how to place a hold on your grants and scholarships during this sabbatical year.

Working a Full-time Job

Some students don’t have enough money to pay for school, so they choose to work for a year to earn some cash first. They might work a full-time job, or they might work multiple jobs to save enough money for scholarships and textbooks. During this time, an individual can also learn more about what leads to happiness in a job, helping the individual to choose a college major.

Performing Service Work

If you belong to certain religious institutions, then the requirements may include performing service work for a year. You may travel to a foreign country to help the local people with a variety of problems, including learning more about health care or growing food. Alternatively, you might remain closer to home by staying in another state. Whatever type of service work that you do, you will need to rent a storage unit for your possessions while you are away.

Overcoming Burnout

You can also take a sabbatical year during the middle of your college education. Some students develop burnout from constant studying and trying to work a job at the same time. Burnout is a serious medical issue that leads to physical ailments and mental distress. It is difficult to make good grades when you are suffering from burnout.

Contact Your College’s Financial Aid Office

If you need to take a year off from your education, then contact your college’s financial aid office to learn what you need to do to keep your grants and scholarships. Make sure to use your sabbatical year wisely so that you can return to college in a year with a new outlook.

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