4 Life Skills Learned in High School Auto Class

Many people associate high school with academic subjects, but there is so much more to be learned during these formative years of one’s life. Many of the courses that are taken accomplish so much more than just teaching arithmetic and reading. There are some valuable concepts and ideas that are to be learned, and this is why it is important to have a well-rounded education. One such example is auto class. Not only is this is a practical topic that can serve a person well as adulthood looms large, but it also teaches some valuable life skills that should not be discounted either. Here are four of the life skills that are learned in high school auto class. 

It seems like much of school is spent doing independent work to gain academic knowledge. While that is certainly a benefit as well, auto class is a place where young people are encouraged to work together. Everyone needs to put tools and parts away in stackable bins so they are easily found. Organizational skills and planning ahead help the team delegate tasks.  There are some repairs that require multiple people to take part in, and the classes are generally designed such that students work together to accomplish various tasks. 

Problem Solving
Automobile repairs are often complex. One might not know exactly what needs to be done at first. Trial and error are often necessary in order to get something to work as it should. All of this requires problem-solving abilities, and that is what auto class will teach students today. This is a valuable life skill that can carry into many other areas as well. 

Creative Thinking
It is also important to be able to think on one’s feet. Not everything with a car is black and white. There are times when a person must think creatively to solve a problem and develop a solution that will work in the end. High school auto class is the perfect place to learn and develop creative thinking skills. 

Practical Skills
Of course, there is the practical side of auto class as well. It is a valuable skill to be able to fix a car. Most people will own quite a few cars in their lifetime. A major expense associated with vehicle ownership is the repairs that come with it. If a person can fix his or her own car, quite a savings will be realized down the road. 

These four areas demonstrate why an auto class is so beneficial in high school. During an age when such classes seem to be on the chopping block in the face of looming budget deficits, we should be fighting to save them. There are some valuable life skills for young people to learn here. 
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