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Ontario Blogs is ready for bloggers!

Whew! Didn't think I'd ever "see the light of day" again, but after a marathon work session, my latest project, Ontario Blogs is now ready to receive bloggers!

Ontario Blogs


Supported through legacy funding from the former Education Network of Ontario, Ontario Blogs provides teachers and…


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Window to the EduBloggerWorld

Just posted my Window to the EduBloggerWorld post on my blog, nexus.ontarioblogs.com, complete with micro and macro views from where I blog.

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Off to See the Space Shuttle Launch!

I’m heading off to Florida this afternoon for a once-in-a-lifetime

experience! Yes, you might say, going to Florida in August will

probably be a trip I won’t forget for awhile. As great an experience as

that promises to be, my awesome adventure also includes watching the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, from the VIP viewing area, as part of the Canadian… Continue

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Backchannelling - Re-tooling Classroom Discussion?

As I mentioned earlier in my “Uber-blogging” post, I’m taking the time to really process the implications of backchannelling

for both my own professional learning and its relevance to the way we

structure learning opportunities for our students. I have quickly come

to the conclusion that I must develop some new skills myself and

re-think some… Continue

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Think Big!

One of the things I love most about teaching is the opportunity we have

to “start fresh” each school year - with new students and new

possibilities. As we plan for the learning opportunities we will

facilitate for our students, we need to step back from our curricula,

lists of outcomes, and standards; step way back, and keep backing up,

until a bigger picture starts to come into focus. Once we have the

perspective of that bigger picture, we can zoom in again on… Continue

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Witnessed at both NECC07 in Atlanta and BLC07 in Boston, I wasn't sure what to call this new phenomenom until I read Sharon Peter's post. “Uber-blogging” was what Sharon called it. I love the phrase and wish I'd thought of it. Visit my blog, nexus.ontarioblogs.com to read my initial take on this evolutionary step in blogging.

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Professional Learning - On My Own Terms

Read the latest entry, Professional Learning - On My Own Terms, on my blog, Nexus, to see how I'm virtually attending the Building Learning Communities Conference while travelling in Saskatechewan. Never before has it been so easy to engage in such high quality learning opportunities!

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Happy Blogiversary!

If you had to guess, how “old” would you say the practice of blogging is?

Visit, my blog, NEXUS, to find out.

I just posted a new blog post related to the Happy Blogiversary article in the Wall Street journal.

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