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Finals Season: How to Survive Allergies During Exam Crams

Finals season is officially upon us. So is allergy season. While you’re busy stressing out about how you’re going to ace your finals, your allergies might be creeping up on you like a highly-skilled ninja. With winter break just around the bend, you should consider taking the few following measures to keep your allergies from interfering with exams and ruining your…


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Top 10 iPad Apps for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

When teaching students with autism spectrum disorders, it’s important to take the engagement to the next level. The iPad can be a very effective tool to support that process. Researchers found that iPad-based interventions are successful at promoting certain skills, such as…


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One Teacher's Approach to Digital Citizenship

In the beginning

When I began teaching digital citizenship in 2010 it was an innocent time. We were only worried about the students believing all websites were real. I directed students to The Dog Island website, where you could pack up your dog in a crate and send him off for a week long romp on a beach. The site was very believable; pictures of the dogs, and even information about how to ship your dog. There’s other sites too; you can learn…


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5 vital money lessons you should have been taught in school

For some a significant number of us, school included excessively concentrate on quadratic conditions (extremely helpful!) and too brief period finding out about useful cash administration.

Peculiarly, monetary instruction has just turned into a mandatory piece of the national educational programs since 2014 – short of what was needed for a great deal of current uni understudies as of now reeling from £9k educational cost charges and truly convoluted understudy advance terms to…


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Is Internet Damaging Education?

Using technology for educational purposes has been one of the most controversial debates in the past few decades. And it is no wonder – the effects of internet raise an obvious question: is internet improving or damaging education? Some assert without even a second thought that internet is the best thing that happened to education. Yet, the positives come head to head…


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Straight A's: How to Get Good Grades in College

The grades that you earn in college may affect your professional opportunities after you graduate. You may include your college GPA on your resume, and some employers may even ask to see your transcript to determine the grades that you earned for specific, relevant courses. You understandably may be focused on earning the highest grades possible in each of your…


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7 Growing EdTech Companies to Improve Your Learning

The world of education is awaiting tremendous changes, as the volume of investments in Edtech by 2020 should reach $252 billion. The sphere of education constantly changes under the influence of digital technologies. A variety of options are available to children and adults who want to continue their education or learn…


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Pursuing a Healthcare Degree? How to Turn Your Passion into Your Profession

The healthcare field offers a myriad of opportunities, both in terms of career advancement and income. However, it also has some industry-specific challenges including a highly stressful work environment, varying workloads and schedules, and a very cutthroat job market. Thus, it can be very frustrating and easy to lose interest in this line of career. For those who are passionate enough and willing to endure working double shifts every other week or cleaning up after disabled or geriatric…


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7 Ways to Make a Classroom Tech-Friendly

Becoming the favorite teacher in the school is not about giving good grades without requiring decent effort from your students. It’s about helping them learn as much as possible while keeping the learning process fun and stress-free. That’s what modern education is all about.

So how exactly do we create that student-friendly classroom of the future? Technology…


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Campus Collision: 3 Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Car at School

Whether you live on campus or you’re a commuter who drives back and forth every day, it’s important to protect both yourself and your car while you’re on campus. You want to be sure that you’re legally safe, physically safe, and ready to handle any potential situations that come your way.


Park Carefully

It doesn’t take long to learn that there…


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The Top 5 College Degrees That Will Make You an Innovator

Would you like to pursue an innovative career? Consider obtaining one of these academic degrees. It might help you become an influential promoter of change.


This offshoot of materials science draws upon the study of the very small to create massive innovations. Nanotechnology promises to transform products utilized by millions of people…


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