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m-Rosaleda nº 2: Felices fiestas

Desde hace unos días está on line el segundo número de m-Rosaleda.

En esta ocasión, los artículos van desde la reivindicación social hasta lo navideño, pasando por lo técnico o la educación.

Como novedad, se incluye algo que pretendió ser una tertulia y que acabó en "hoja de…

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Turning a regular monitor into touch surface using an eBeam

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Blog Post #8

I recently read this article on Poll Everywhere: Tap into those Mobile Phones at /font>> This article was about setting up a poll on the computer and having your student's text message into the survey. To set it up there is a website you can go to and create and account. The first group…


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Blog Post #7

I recently read this article Alert! Employees Abuse the Internet at /font>>

By Nicole…


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About me...

I am a professional librarian, an online educator for Children/Young Adult Literature, a professional artist, a native Pennsylvanian, a Macintosh techie and user group president. I am also a professional artist who loves making unique artistic books. Most importantly I am a digital immigrant who loves this new digital world and can’t stop learning and relearning. The reason for my starting some blogs (in addition to the Book Pushin Cats from TriState Reviews blog) is to show my students… Continue

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My final Product

I was finally able to get the Video Cast to upload and it seems to work! Here is the final product.

<a href=""><img width="123" border="0" src="…


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My 1st screencast!

I created my 1st screen cast in Windows Media Encoder. My screencast is explaining how to create an animal fact sheet in Microsoft Word. I decided to do this, because I will be able to use it in the future with my third grade students. I hope you enjoy it!

My screencast link:

Download screencast.wmv

The link to my screencast on the…


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Video Podcast

This is by far the coolest thing I've done on the internet...

I created my video podcast for my 8th grade math class. Those students are currently working on an assignment where they have to design their "dream bedroom" and create a scale drawing along with a written description of thier dream room. Unfortunately, being that my students are vitrual learners, I don't have the opportunity to work with them on a daily basis. I created this video podcast to show them examples of how to…


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Screen casts!

I LOVE the idea of screen casts! It took some preparation and rehearsal, but I think that the uses for screen casts are many. It is a great way of creating a tutorial without having to be somewhere. Students could view them and create them. It would also be a great tool for educators to show one another when asked "how did you do that?" I am very excited about this new…


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I went to my link today and my Video Cast did not work. So, I added my Windows Media Tiering Lesson to my EdBlogger site. It is not totally the same, but it is very similar. Instead of me you are getting photos of my students at a different time.

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Tiering Lesson Plan

I created a videocast in Camtasia about Tiering and how I use tiering in the classroom. I found Camtasia more difficult to use than Windows Movie Maker. When I create another movie or video, I will once again use Windows unless I can figure out Camtasia before that time. I totally created my presentation by accident and could not tell you how I did it. When I tried to get it to create the presentation, the help file told me to choose a command, then it would not work once I did try and…


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Virtual Field Trips

As I was getting back in the swing of things from Thanksgiving break, I could not help but think how wonderful it would be to take my students on a field trip. I began pondering this thought, and ran into many road blocks along the way... not enough time to plan before Christmas break, not enough funding from the school, and lastly transportation and cost of getting there. With all of these thoughts in mind, I immediately decided that a field trip was just not in the plan for this school…


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Candidates Debate with You Tube

While taking EDU 595, I have become aware of so many additional “tech tools” that the rest of the world is using. It is amazing how when you are immersed in a topic, how many more connections you make. Blogs about television programs have caught my ear. RSS feeds on numerous websites have caught my eye. Candidates running for President of the United States debating while using YouTube have got my attention. I did not know…


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My Screencast

When creating my screencast, I took several things into consideration. The most important being the fact that I had NEVER created something like this before. Therefore, I wanted to do something that I felt would be simple, yet helpful to some people. I chose to create my screencast on how to open an e-mail account. This was something that I felt I could thoroughly explain to someone who was not as familiar with the internet.

I used the program Camtasia. This program was very simple…


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I did my screencast on a webquest. Next week in my fourth grade science class we are going to do a webquest project. Before I give my students their project I decided to do a walk through on how they are supposed to complete the webquest project.

Download WebQuest WalkThrough.wmv

You can also view my screencast at:…


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MIT online courses

I decided to read a journal about MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and their launch of a new website called Highlights for High School. In the article…


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My screencast

I chose to use Windows Media Encoder to create my screencast. I also joined Teachertube and uploaded my screencast onto it. The direct url is here. I chose to complete my screencast as a tutorial for my students to actively engage them in progress monitoring. I am required to progress monitor in reading and math 2 times monthly, and in order to get my students more invested I figured I would directly engage…


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For this week’s blog entry, I chose to find more resources online that would enhance the content in my classroom. This week, I found a site from Verizon called Thinkfinity. This is yet another amazing website with so many resources for educators to utilize in the classroom! The…


Added by Kristen Salamone on December 1, 2007 at 1:01pm — 3 Comments

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