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I finally understand what Parent Teacher Conferences are all about

I have parents coming into my classroom today asking how their child is doing in my class. They only have a 95, how can they get a higher grade?


This happens over and over again. I wonder why they're here. I don't think it's to make themselves feel better about how great their child is doing in school. I also don't think that they are very worried about the 95 not being a 98. I believe it's to show their child that they are fully invested in…


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5 Explanations behind Video Game Addiction

  • The most addictive computer games have no pre-characterized closes. This is one of the focal highlights of a MMORPG, yet it is likewise winding up valid for some different classes too. The most addictive computer games have no extreme objective, like unblocked games or time when a player can state "I'm done. I have finished each mission - there is just the same old thing new to find". Thusly, there is never the…

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Managing the Modern Classroom

From a NYCSchoolsTech Facebook discussion, teachers offered their best practices on how to manage today's classroom. Here's what we shared.

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3 Versatile Degree Paths That Can Lead To Your Dream Job

Many college students today graduate with a degree that will not be beneficial to their future careers. Often times this is a result of overly specific majors that have little value or application in the real world. The question then becomes what major to take that is versatile and offers a large number of job opportunities that fit your future career path. What is listed below are three such majors,…


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5 Degrees That Will Put You on the Fast Track to an Executive Healthcare Career

Given how the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, it makes perfect sense for many students to consider going into the healthcare field, particularly the area of healthcare administration. There are other options for aspiring healthcare administers than a healthcare administration degree, although that might very well be your best choice. Here are five very good options, including some clever but useful alternatives, you might want to consider studying.…


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How to Hold Down Your First Job While Making College and Car Payments

Most people get jobs to pay bills such as student or auto loans. Ironically, you may need to go to school or buy a car just to get to that job. Fortunately, your student loan and auto debt won't last forever. How can you keep that first job long enough to pay off your debt?

Make Your Job Your Priority

It can be stressful knowing that your next paycheck…


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Writing and Editing Tips from the Best Undergraduate Students

Students can only advance in their education if they get rid of the idea that you need to study harder to get high grades. Every successful college student will tell you the same – the secret to becoming effective in school is if you study…


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How to Survive a School Shooting

Typically, schools are known to be safety sanctuaries. However, sometimes incidences are seen that convert schools into killing zones. The incidents of mass shootings have been on the rise in the recent past. Discussed here are some tips that can help you to survive a school shooting.

Preventing and Preparing for a School…


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