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Elizabeth Arden – FREE Educational/Career eBook and Audio for December

 “I only want people around me who can do the impossible”.  

Elizabeth Arden (2) For Elizabeth Arden   

This quote by Elizabeth Arden shows just how focused and determined she was in her approach to her business. Surrounding herself with people with a ‘can-do’ attitude ensured her own…


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Game Based Learning in the Classroom

The use of “Game Based Learning” in schools and the classroom by teachers can have a measurable effect on teaching methods and student success in subjects like math, science, reading and languages. In the modern education system game based learning and brain training solutions have the potential to bolster teaching methods while educational games in the classroom are fast proving an invaluable tool to connect and engage students. Games in the classroom in any form have shown to increase…


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FREE Brain Training for Schools

RaiseYourIQ is now offering FREE brain training for schools and teachers to make kids better learners. Any school can now sign up and get free licenses to what RaiseYourIQ calls “Intervention based Intellectual skills training”.

Following 2 years working with teachers and schools, RaiseYourIQ published studies show that students, who complete the SMART brain training course which is based on research into “Relational Skills”, will significantly raise their IQ (10-20 on average) plus…


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Improve student tracking with Creatrix Campus attendance management system

A new system of marking attendance via online and mobile devices allows real-time tracking that show if a student is present, not absent for the period/course/session. The power of flexibility and versatility meets the learning needs of the students. RFID based attendance enables schools to locate, track and moderate students within the classroom, offering a real-time tracking of student’s movement on the campus.

Students can swipe using the smart card that scans the Photo ID cards… Continue

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Alfred Nobel – FREE Educational eBook and Audio for November

Meet the man behind the Nobel Prizes, Alfred Nobel.


We all associate peace with the Nobel prize, but did you know that Alfred Nobel actually invented dynamite?  He was also a great chemist, engineer, innovator and a manufacturer of armaments.

So how did the Nobel Peace Prize come about?

Get inside the mind of this amazing individual…


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