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I used Windows Media Encoder to do my screencast this week. I chose to do a step by step tutorial for logging onto the website that accompanies our Spanish textbook. I chose to do this because I plan to post a link for this on my website to show the students how to access the textbook website. I had some trouble when trying to do a screencast with the entire window because I have a widescreen computer monitor and the entire window would not show up on playback. Therefore I decided to just do…


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Most Influential

Cross-post with my 'Pair-a-Dimes for your Thoughts' blog.

We are influenced by so many things in our lives. Identifying what has a significant influence on us can be difficult. Here are two things that I believe can be categorized as most influential... and they both happened Monday.

1. Fifteen year old Kristine wrote a very influential blog post…


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Week 5 Blog post

This week I found an article that involves schools and technology, but focuses more on how we can use school resources at home via technology. 'Checking Out' Library Books from Home includes information about a school district in Texas that has an electronic library system for "checking out" books from the school library. The days of your children coming home only to say "I forgot my library book at school, and I need it…


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Lesson Plan using Wiki

While I was online this week looking for an article of interest to write about on my blog I came across this lesson plan. Thought I'd share since we talked about using wiki's in the classroom a few weeks ago. This is for an middle/high school English class...

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Blog #13 My Screencast

I downloaded the program Windows Media Encoder like the book suggested. I found the program userfriendly and simple to use. It took me a few times to make my screencast without messing up! When we creating the podcast it was easy for me because it was only my voice. However, with the screencast I was talking, typing, and moving the mouse around all at once! It was a little more challenging, but I…


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Blog Post # 6

I recently read an article on clickers in the classroom at I personally have never even heard of clickers in the classroom until this past summer. I was taking Intro to Technology and our professor brought them to class. He…


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Blog #12 New Printer Technology

I read an article titled: MFPs: A Bundle of Possibilities.This article was about an upcoming software program with powerful hardware that will allow educators many options when using printers and/or copy machines. A lot of schools and businesses are trying to become “paperless” industries, but that might be a little too far fetched for most people to do.…


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A New Project!

Recently I read a journal called “Project targets new teachers’ tech use”, by eSchool News staff. This journal is about a new study that Indiana University School of Education is embarking on. This $3.1 million study focuses on how current and emerging technologies are being used most effectively in classrooms, and how best to prepare new teachers to use these tools. In order to complete this study Indiana University…


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Hi everyone

I am a student at St. John's University in the education program and one of my professor is asking us to plan a class trip for our potential/future students. I'm just curious as to your opinions about planning a museum trip. What are the dos and don'ts of planning a class trip and what should be done to ensure that everyone safely returns and the trip is a success.



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Subscritions to Podcasts

For this week's assignment, I subscribed to two podcasts, the first is a course at Penn State University. The course is IST 110 (Information Science, and Technology ). This podcast offers 4 great podcasts about topics covered in our course EDU 595.

"This course is all about the challenges associated with engaging with the eWorld. We are going to focus quite a bit of energy on the…


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My Podcast

Here it is my first podcast. I had a difficult time determining what to podcast about, but since our school uses edline, and I thought I would create a podcast of an introduction of myself to post on edline so the parents can hear an introduction about me. I used…


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Podcast subscription

I subscribed and listened to a couple different podcasts located at Some of the podcasts that I listened to were called Grammar Girl, dansmathcast, learn HTML, and nature podcast. My favorite podcast out of these ones is Grammar…


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Ok...I thought of a way that I would use podcasting in the elementary school!!! I recorded a favorite book! Using free sound effects from online I read the book along with them...very tricky and requ…

Ok...I thought of a way that I would use podcasting in the elementary school!!! I recorded a favorite book! Using free sound effects from online I read the book along with them...very tricky and required help from my fantastic family. But, I think this would be a good group project. Students could write their own stories, add sound effects, record it, publish it, and share it with the world!!! I am a little…


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Blog # 12: Podcasting

I would like to start off my saying that after this week I am really interested and motivated to use podcasts! Prior to this week I have searched online and tried to find good podcasts to listen to, but was somewhat unsuccessful. However, after reading our text book I decided to download and use I Tunes. I have used I Tunes on my school computer to play cds in my class, but never realized the…


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The Technology-Infused English Classroom (Article)

I read an article on the Technology infused English classroom. This is important to me because I teach English. The article is from 2005 however, it includes the vision for the future classroom and it is quite good. This article outlines the minimum code for a technology infused English classroom. It then presents a series of scenarios in which teachers and students utilise technology to enhance the learning process. Finally, Westside Elementary School in Hood River, Oregon and Tahatai Coast…


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Teaching Back Then

I enjoyed browsing David Warlick's site this week. I commented on his blog about teaching back in times. He is continually amazed at the invaluable resources there are on the Internet for teachers. It is certainly a wonderful time for teachers. Visit his site and my comment!


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This week was my first experiences with podcasting. I must be honest and say that podcasting is not my favorite tech tool. However, I am impressed with the possibilities that it has for both personal uses and as well as educational.

Podcasting takes some time to get used to in order to find the most appropriate and most interesting for an…


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Tag cloud

I forgot to post something about the tag cloud from last week that I still have yet to figure out. I spent so much time trying to get my tag cloud to work and still nothing. I even had someone from class try to walk me through it, but I kept getting an error. So I still have no idea what I am doing wrong. Needless to say I don't know if I would try doing this in class since it is obviously not very user friendly!

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Week 4 blog post

I read an article this week called "Distance learning becoming part of school life" on the CNN website (

As members of this class we are all participating in "distance learning" and so I thought this article would be an appropriate topic for discussion.

It is amazing that we can take an entire 3 credit course over the…


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I have subscribed to multiple podcasts over the past month or so. I actually got in to the podcasts after a recent update to the software for my Zune mp3 player. I bought my Zune last year when they first came out. Recently they updated the device and also their marketplace software. As part of the update, they began offering podcasts, much like iTunes does.

After spending come time perusing the different options, I subscribed to about 5…


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