August 2017 Blog Posts (5)

I'm a certified bilingual nerd

I recently earned my Google Level 2 Certification, and it felt great, but I'm just as proud earning my Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Badge for this year too. I like to say that I'm bilingual: I speak Google and Office. Both prove I met certain requirements, but they proved it in different ways.

You can earn your Google Certification anytime you want, just pay the $25 and…


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The Terrifying Truth of Campus Drug Culture

All over the world, people enroll in secondary universities and colleges to advance their careers. Not only is it common knowledge, it's been proven that the higher educational attainment one has, the higher their income is, on average. For example, the …


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5 Strategies to Increase Students Engagement in Classroom

Try keeping your students engaged on a task all day, while having a classroom full of students where each of them has different learning needs. It’s not easy, believe me. Is there a way to improve students’ engagement? How would you inspire students to become more active during the class? These are the questions each teacher faces when he is trying to expand the field of knowledge of his students.

There is a saying that teachers are the hardest people…


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Should Universities Provide On-Campus Fitness Centers?

In addition to top-notch academics and stellar athletic teams, on-campus fitness centers are, according to College View, fast becoming one of the biggest draws for students looking to apply to a university. These gyms, which also often include on-site restaurants and cafés, are designed to be more than…


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Changing Degrees? How to Make the Most of the Credits You Already Have

Double majors, changing majors, majors and minors, or a second bachelor's degree are all options you might consider at some point during your education. Your studies could take you in new directions, or perhaps your school doesn't offer the new program that interests you. About…


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