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How to Stay Safe When Using your Campus Wi-Fi

Campus Wi-Fi will ultimately be a godsend while you’re living on campus, both for work and for watching your favourite show on Netflix. Many universities are offering free, high-speed internet connections throughout college grounds, but is it secure?

Typically, these networks will be pretty safe, but there are some risks involved in using a public…


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How to Create Measurable Objectives for Online Training

Online training is becoming increasingly important in the modern world thanks to global companies and our always-on culture. It seems like everyone is taking advantage of the e-learning revolution, from marketing agencies and independent retailers to insurance comparison companies and writing services reviews sites.

Better still, it provides a way to nurture staff that doesn’t have to clash with…


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7 Online Resources to Help Students Write Better and Faster

For you to be effective in writing, you need to have a good command of language in which you write. Once in a while, you may find yourself questioning your English writing skill. This may be usual because it is a dynamic and diverse language that changes a lot with time. But practice makes perfect and you should adopt the same approach with English. Once you have that…


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Tips and guides for beginner bloggers.

Blogging became popular following internet promulgation. Everybody wants to blog, to attract traffic and to be heard online. While there are a few established bloggers, there are thousands of inexperienced and newbie bloggers doing their best to be heard online. Granted that established bloggers already have the audience they need, what differentiates them from amateurs is…


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The future of education is also automation

The future of education is automation on two fronts. Automation of education delivery its self, and education of automation technology topics. So no mater what way you look at it, "Automation" is a key subject in the future of education. Additionally, speaking of the future, the future of education will be more niche, short, specialized courses, designed to provide expertise to help workers keep up with the ever increasing…


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Wrapping up another year

I teach sixth grade, so I will be saying goodbye to my students in about a week. I'll see them in the hallways, but it won't be the same. They'll never be in my classroom again. That's weird to think about right now, when all I do is see them.
It has me wondering; did I serve them as best I could? Did I impart all the wisdom I could into their little brains? Did I ignite a spark, or reaffirm a defeatist attitude?
I have to be honest,…

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4 Ways Technology Has Changed Education Forever

Much has changed in the education world over the last few decades, largely off the back of advancing technology. It has affected most aspects of daily life, and from kindergarten to college, things have become easier and more connected. While there are some ways in which the classroom is the same – that we still use classrooms is one – the current world of education…


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