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How Writing Is the Most Useful Skill in College

How Writing Is the Most Useful Skill in College

Writing is a key skill that every individual need to master especially if you are a student who wants to transition from high school to college. Most students dislike…


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The Best Practices of Writing Effective Academic Research Papers

The importance of writing a research paper when you are in school or college is paramount to both your academic as well as professional careers. The ability to write an effective paper on any given topic is a standard factor used to measure one’s researching, analytical and critical thinking skills, in addition to writing and comprehension. Especially in educational institutions which rely on academic papers, essays, and dissertations to grade their students.…


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So I accidentally blew up on Twitter last week.

National Teacher Day was May 9th, and I wanted to recognize that in a small way. I had a graphic that I created for a previous Twitter Chat, so I opened it back up, changed the top, and posted it with two small sentences and hash tagged it with #NationalTeachersDay. I tagged my usual tribe in the graphic so they would re-tweet it for me; they’re awesome like that. After that, I went about my day.…

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15 Education Tools For Teachers To Make Their Lives Easier

It’s widely recognised that teachers today are now overworked, as classrooms grow and budgets shrink, even the best teachers need to reach out for help and try some new ideas. As technology is an ever-growing presence in our lives, and something that students feel familiar and comfortable with, many teachers are exploring the use of technology in the classroom. This can be a really great way to teach a class who is easily distracted, as they will loving using computers or…


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Court Career Options That Have Nothing To Do With Being A Lawyer

The legal field is more varied than most people think. In fact, there are several court career options that have nothing to do with being a lawyer but are solid careers all the same. This guide will go over some of your options if being an attorney is not for you but you want to work in the courts.


Court Reporter

Court reporters sit in court…


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Have Your Paper Done in 24 Hours with Our Same Day Essay Service

You can hope that your Economic teacher won’t notice your wrong calculations or that your Literature instructor won’t notice you haven’t read a book. But what for should you risk your grade if you can overcome potential problems with your studies? Sure thing, students have to cope with their exams all alone. Sometimes, tests are too hard to improve your final score. So, it is better to gain high grades for the writing assignments during the semester. There are a lot of them. That is why we…


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What I've learned from tiny little dictators

These North Korean officers are standing there proudly and why shouldn't they? They're wearing enough bling on their uniforms to set off metal detectors.

If you notice along the side of my blog, I've got some micro-credentials: Google, Microsoft, CommonSense, etc. I'm proud of the work I've done to earn…


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Building Student-Teacher Rapport: Strategies Based on Research and Experience

Quantifying student-teacher relationship is always a challenge, because the way human being interacts is very complex. However, even though there are plenty of factors being taken into consideration when analyzing student-teacher relationships, rapport is often neglected or completely left out, as most fail to see its significance in the development of young academic…


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Trouble at School? How to Best Respond to Your Child's Educational Needs

When a child is struggling in school, it can be difficult for parents to find a solution. Parents may feel powerless to impact what happens in the classroom. They may not understand how to help their child or really what the problem is. Many parents expect teachers or school administrators to fix the problem and become discouraged when nothing happens. The reality is…


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How to Find and Hire the Best Essay Writer

So, you have decided to find someone to help you write an essay. Now you are looking for an expert who can deliver a good quality paper. But how can you be sure that an author will meet your expectations?

Take your time

Do not make a random choice. Avoid making a…


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