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New Evidence That IQ Can Be Increased With Brain Training

A new scientific paper I produced along with Sarah Cassidy and other colleagues, published in the journal Learning and Individual Differences, shows that significant increases in general intelligence, of 28 points on average, can be…


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Still Undecided? Why Choosing Your Major Should Take Time

One way or another you are going to invest a lot of money and time completing a college degree. It's important to get the right degree, one that serves your interests and provides a reasonable expectation of return for your investment. Unless you have a passion for only one thing that must be your major no matter what its future financial potential, it makes sense to…


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Five Reasons Getting A Master's Degree Is A Smarter Career Move

Graduate school is a worthwhile investment. From better job opportunities to increased pay, the right degree can get you there. Below are a list of just a few of the reasons why a master’s degree can be a smart career move.


Put You A Step Above The Competition

The job market today is very competitive. More employers are looking for people with master's degree. While few people have master's degree, the value of it is going up. A master's degree can help you…


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It's not always about the Open Bar.

Tali Horowitz invited a bunch of DOE nerds as her guests to the Common Sense Media Awards Dinner. The awards were for everyone who works hard to provide a safe environment for children to use technology. It was a lovely evening; we hobnobbed with big donors, caught up with friends, and had a nice evening out. What really inspired me was the message of the evening. We are playing defense for the small people who are…


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5 Reasons to go to College and Study History

Time is defined by three main parameters; past, present and future. As much as we may live in the present and in expectation of future, we have our past. History as the study of the past wouldn't make much sense unless justified by its significance in many essential areas of our lives.…


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