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Educated Decisions: How to Get Your Child into the Right Public School

School choice is often a major factor when a family considers a move or buying a new house. It is important and helpful for parents to understand how to choose the right school for their kids and how to select a school district that will benefit them long-term. With the Trump Administration’s likelihood to focus on or expand school choice and options, it is more important than…


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10 Dos and Don'ts for every Teacher

Classrooms resemble fabricated communities. Although there are several ways in which you can promote equitable and successful learning ecosystem in your classroom, any outlook should be…


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5 Life Skills Every Nurse Can Benefit From

Nursing is more than just a career. Indeed, a true nurse is one who cares from his or her heart. When a nurse is at work, everything else fades into the background. If you are considering becoming a nurse, continuing on with your nursing education or are already working on the front lines of the profession, consider these life skills that you are sure to use on a…


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Parent Teacher Conference is a learning experience for me

While staying late sitting in my classroom until its dark is not the way I want to spend a day, I do find Parent Teacher Conference Night a way for me to be a better teacher.

I love seeing the family dynamic. Kids can be so funny; they behave one way in the classroom and act completely different around their parents. Seeing how much the parent loves their child is also a reminder that the kid in my class is actually someone's child. They're young and out in the world without their…


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Improving Performance - Transforming the Narrative

Is your school’s narrative leading to the practices, structures and the results you want?

The Research on What Works

By now we have no doubt that you and your school’s practices would have influenced by John Hattie’s synthesis and analysis of what works (and what doesn’t) in educational research. His intent was solely to provide some basis for teachers, schools and…


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