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Smartboard: Tips and tricks of the Magic Pen

Smartboard:  Tips and tricks using the Magic Pen tool.  You might not know, but the Notebook's magic pen tool does three awesome things that can enhance any lesson using the Smartboard.

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Sarcophage de Tchernobyl

Nouveau sacrophage à Tchernobyl

L'Ukraine commencera fin avril à dresser l'immense chape de béton, qui doit recouvrir l'actuel sarcophage, délabré.

L'assemblage du nouveau sarcophage à Tchernobyl, destiné à la réduire la menace de radioactivité, commencera le 26 avril, jour de l'anniversaire de cette pire catastrophe nucléaire de l'Histoire

La première phase de l'assemblage de cette grande arche de 108 mètres de haut et d'un poids de 20 000 tonnes a déjà débuté…


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Create dynamic data charts using Hohli Charts

Hohli charts is a simple method of creating dynamic data sets that then display as charts and graphs.  This web 2.0 tool would be great and simple for students to use in a k-12 educational setting.

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The Learning Jigsaw

This week's blog comes from Narelle Wood. Narelle is our Australian Curriculum expert and has worked extensively across a range of schools in supporting powerful learning in the literacy and English domain.


An indulgence of mine is jigsaw puzzles. I will sit for hours trying to complete a particular section and it has got to the stage where I have sat at the table for 2 days…


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Smartboard: Create a study game using flip tiles.

This is a Smartboard Notebook tutorial on how to create an interactive study game board in which students can move game pieces along the board if they answer the questions correctly. This gameboard use tiles that on one side has the answer and on the other side has the question.

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eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published

eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published on Amazon and Apple iTunes.

... written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially the use of Apple’s iPad.

It is not a “how-to” manual but a resource for enabling more informed decisions regarding the use of…

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some negative aspect of blogging that writingteacher must consider

1_looking at other student blog may encourage students to plagiarism.

2_blog is a virtual environment and students need to be prepared to use language in real life.

3_lake of effective assessment criteria and evaluation

4_the blog of students who are more skillful in writing visited more by others as a result demotivate less skillful students.

what do you think?

agree or dis agree

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Pour améliorer vos connaissances il vous faut faire les activités suivantes:


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Great Expectations: Coaching for Change in Schools

The most challenging, rewarding work we do in schools happens when we have the opportunity to build a partnership with the school over time. We really love this aspect of our work. Through these partnerships we gain a deep understanding of the school’s culture and priorities, develop meaningful relationships with teachers and often we act as a consistent, driving force for change.…


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advantages and disadvantages of using blog for development of writing skill

I am an MA student of TEFL and recently I am working in the advantages and disadvantages of using blog for development of writing skill.

for conducting my project I need the help of the English teachers who use blog in their writing classes.

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Resources Issue

For those of you in the wider world who don't get a chance to catch all of our newsletters and blogs I thought I would include this quick blog post to capture some of the resources that have dropped off our web page which might be useful for you. We are consistently researching and developing ideas, resources, thinking, viewpoints, templates, workshops as we work with schools. We rarely have the time to make them available to everyone (although you can buy our Resource CD from the shop which…


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