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Is Drivers Ed the Most Important Class You Take in HS?

Many things you learn in high school are not useful when you grow up, like trigonometry, but that is not the case with everything, such as driver’s education. The reality is you will use the skills learned at driver's ed throughout most of your adult life. The following is meant to help you understand why this may…


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5 Reasons International Students Strengthen U.S. College Campuses

International students continue to make up a significant percentage of the United States college population. Many overseas students come from Asia with China leading the way in college students attending universities in the United States. 

Some skeptics view the seeming influx of…


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3 Ways to Get an Education at Your Own Pace

Traditional education has several serious drawbacks for the adult learner. It’s expensive, especially if you already have a degree. It’s also a huge time commitment that rarely works well around a full-time job. Fortunately, there are ways to get an education about a topic or skill that works at your pace, rather than the pace of college.


Massive open online courses represent…


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Getting Help: 3 Professionals Your College Student Should Know

Once your child heads off to college, you can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that you have done great so far. However, your parenting efforts continue until your child graduates from college and even well beyond. After all, you have profound knowledge and wisdom from your own life experiences that can be used effectively to help your child in various…


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A Framework for Developing Teachers Part I

When the Victorian Department of Education released the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes in 2015 I rejoiced - especially the initiative on “Building Leadership Teams”. This initiative was defined as:

“Effective schools…


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Everything Will Be Automated: Why Coding Now Means Job Stability In The Future

If you take a look around you, it would not take long to realize just how much of a role technology now plays in our lives. There are things we do that we don’t even realize require coding. Every industry from agriculture to education requires some sort of technology that is build and relies on software coded by someone.  

This will only…


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3 Life Lessons Learned In High School Shop Class

To some, a high school shop class might just seem like an elective to pick up en route to gaining a diploma. However, it can be much more meaningful. Shop is a discipline that requires absolute discipline and can bring out the best in those who are willing to put their minds into it as fully as possible. These are three life lessons learned in high…


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International Equity Group LLC: What You Need To Know About Your Balance Sheet?

  • The Balance Sheet: Stockholders' Equity

One of the trickier bits of the monetary record is the investors' value segment. It's influenced by the further developed points, for example, different stock classes, share-based worker pay, value based financing, showcase esteemed speculations and auxiliaries. And keeping in mind that investors' value may be somewhat more intricate, this segment of the monetary record merits getting comfortable with after some time. All things…


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Tips on how to write a scholarship essay

All college students wish to get scholarships, for this reason, any scholarship advertised will attract scores of students across the globe. The committee awarding the scholarship will not be looking at the students with the highest aggregate, but they will be looking for all round students with great literacy skills. Here are some useful tips that will enable you to demonstrate that you are a strong writer as you will express your qualifications and capabilities in great…


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Emprunte écologique

La Terre connaît actuellement un déclin de sa biodiversité à un rythme qui n’est propre qu’aux extinctions massives. Mais nous avons le pouvoir de freiner cette tendance, à condition d’agir ensemble et maintenant. Telles sont les conclusions du plus récent rapport mondial du WWF, qui démontre qu’en moins de 50 ans, les populations mondiales d’espèces vertébrées ont chuté de 60 % en moyenne.

Comme dans le cas des éditions précédentes, cette 12e…


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Graduated? How Relocating Can Improve Your Career Outlook

Unless you went to college in a very small town, you may be inclined to remain in your college town after graduating. After all, this is an area that you are familiar with and that has become home to you. There may also be some job opportunities in the area that seemingly make it advantageous to live in at first glance. With a closer look at the opportunities available to you by strategically…


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