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VCR phase-out survey results posted at AV-1.org

VCR survey results on AV-1 Tech managers from around the globe chime in for VCR phase-out survey at AV-1.org.

130 respondents offered a few surprises...

79% of us still have VCRs in up to 75% of our rooms. (Doesn't that seem like quite a lot of VCRs still in service?)

Only 34% of us have any sort of plan in place to end-of-life VCRs. (An artifact of fiscal hard-times or evidence of a…


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Natural Distaster Projects

I hope you all are enjoying the project. It was inteded to to allow to work at your own pace learn new things and have fun while learning. Is this something you all are liking to do, would rather have me there to facilitate, is this too hard, ....? Tell me what you all think?

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AV-1 Survey: VHS End-of-Life

Take the survey... just FIVE quick questions! This week, Scott Tiner, Classroom Technologist from Bates College poses the question to the AV-1 community, "How do classroom planners and technology managers deal with the inevitable…


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Home Business Opportunities

Nowadays due to the current economic situation many people are looking for the home business opportunities available online and offline to replace their income either partly or completely to secure their future living| so I started writing on the subject based of my experience and the others in one place to help people to find these opportunities to review what suitable for them. please feel free to have a look on my blog… Continue

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Home Business opportunities

VoiParty Telecom is launching new technology will change the way of long distance handling and the reduce the cost. and the new technology will turn your existing phone and internet service into a lucrative home business and you will be paid just to plugged in. formore information click here

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What you should know about HIV Testing.

Today with all the new medicines available to treat HIV, there are something’s you should know, HIV as complicated as it may seem, is treatable. Most importantly HIV can develop into AIDS if not treated early in its stages. The first step in prevention is to get tested for the HIV antibodies. There is a test it is called,

The OraQuick Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test. It checks for HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS, in a person’s blood. The test detects antibodies to HIV-1 found in blood… Continue

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International Group Takes Author's Debut Novel Global

Never has a mute character had so much to say.

There Are No Words, the debut novel for autism advocate Mary Calhoun Brown, will be featured as an "Outstanding Book for Young People with Disabilities 2011" by IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young People).

One copy of the book will be on permanent display in Norway, while a second copy will travel the world. The traveling expedition will launch at the Bologna International Book Festival.

There Are No… Continue

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Another great Fireside Chat 1-9 6:30-8:30pmGMT

We will host our "week 2 fireside chat" for the 2009 K-12 Online Conference this coming Saturday, January 9th! The week 2 keynote speakers, Rachel Boyd and Diego Leal, will present and engage in Q&A with participants via EdTechTalk's Ustream channel and backchannel chat. Time: January 9, 2010 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm GMT. NOTE: This is 1:30pm EST on Saturday, January 9. Please click the following link to see your local time:…


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Book with Autistic Protagonist Earns Five Stars from Feathered Quill


There Are No Words

By: Mary Calhoun Brown

Publisher: Lucky Press

Publication Date: September 2009

ISBN: 978-0977630028

Reviewed by: Eloise Michael

Review Date: January 2010

There Are No Words is narrated by Jaxon, a 12-year-old girl with autism who lives with her grandparents. Though she shares with the reader that she cannot speak and describes her intense reactions to sound and touch, this is not really a book about… Continue

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Bridget Jones and my New Year’s Resolutions

I have always loved the scene where Bridget Jonescomes up with her famous 33 New Year’s Resolutions. What a great scene that was and I can’t remember how many nice lessons, by the way, I have watched with trainees using this clip to teach this or that, sometimes the future, sometimes just to generate talk and practise listening! Here is the book cover with some of Bridget’s resolutions, which can be used in a lead in with or with or without the video clip. There are many great lessons round… Continue

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