The Learning Revolution Online Conference
April & May, 2020

Rather than a formal presentation, a hosted conversation is a guided discussion in a virtual Zoom room with up to 300 participants.

A hosted conversation goes best when a host (or hosts) have prepared good questions in advance for the conversation, and work to allow different people to respond and participate.

Conversation amongs participants takes place in the chat, and the hosts are also able to provide selected participants with the ability to use the microphone. 

Hosted conversations are recorded, both video and audio versions, as well as a record of the chat conversation.

To submit to host a chat conversation, please follow these instructions:


Everyone is welcome to submit a hosted conversation proposal. If you are interested in submitting more than one proposal, or you wish to host a regular (daily or weekly) conversation, please contact

Hosted conversations must be non-commercial. Interest in commercial sponsorship or presentations should be directed

Hosting proposals will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Proposals will be evaluated based on being clear, organized, and pertinent to teaching and learning topics. It is our intention that all serious conversation proposals be given the opportunity to be hosted. If your hosting proposal is accepted, you will be provided with the ability to schedule a presentation day and time that is convenient to your time zone and work schedule. Your scheduled hosting session will be published in the calendar of events for the conference, and listed in emails of upcoming sessions. Early proposal submission and acceptance will give you the most flexibility for scheduling your presentation. The number of sessions each day will be limited, so you are encouraged to get your proposal in early. We will stop accepting proposals May 22nd.

Your hosted conversation proposal, once submitted, will be listed on the Learning Revolution website, with the opportunity for members of this network to view, comment on, and/or "like" your presentation proposal. This will give you and the other members of this site the chance to share ideas and to make connections before, during, and after the conference. You can also start a group on the Learning Revolution site around your topic.

All hosted conversations will be free for participants to attend live. Your hosted conversation will be recorded and may be made available as part of an archive available to Learning Revolution members after the conference for a one-time cost. By submitting to present, you are agreeing to these terms. 

Hosted Conversation Guidelines:

Hosted conversation time slots are 60 minutes long. All hosted conversations will be held in the Zoom online meeting platform and can hold up to 300 participants. Training information will be provided to you upon session acceptance. You can test your computer or mobile compatibility with Zoom at are responsible for being prepared to use the conference platform. Zoom has good help documentation on the meeting functionality here.

How to Submit Your Hosted Conversation Proposal:

Please follow these instructions carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure your presentation proposal is submitted correctly. You must be signed up on the Learning Revolution network and logged in to submit your proposal. 

1. Copy the following text (highlight and ctrl-c on your computer):

Your Name and Title/Role:

School, Library, or Organization Name (if applicable):

Are You a Student?:

Co-Host Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Host:

Language in Which You Will Host:

Target Audience(s):

Short Hosted Conversation Description (one line):

Full Hosted Conversation Description (as long as you would like):

Your Bio(s):

Your Twitter Handle(s): 

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Hosted Conversation Topic:


2. Click here to open a new forum discussion post. You must use this link or your proposal will not be in the correct place and will not be visible to conference administrators.

3. Title your discussion post with the title of your proposed session.

4. Paste the template text (ctrl-v) into the body of the forum discussion post.

5. Fill in the session information according to the template. If you separate your answers with a blank line and bold the questions, it will make your proposal easier to read.

6. In the TAG box, add topic strand tags to make your session easier to find. First, look for an existing tag or tags here, but if there is not an existing tag that matches your topic, you can add your own (precede the one-word tag with a "#").

7. Click the "Save and Publish" button to submit your proposal.


You can see your submitted conversation proposal, and all others, here.