You may well be tired of me from spending a whole day together already, but I have a layover in Melbourne Wednesday September 7th on my way back to the US, so if anyone wants to get together let me know.  Maybe we could plan future events?!

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I think you should definitely make a visit to ACMI on that day Steve!


Via the Australian Children's Television Foundation. Might as well cover all screen culture ed bases!
What a great idea Steve. Wondering if you might do this with a virtual component for some of us who have returned home.

I am keen to explore a method of workshopping the workflow for maintaining an Eportfolio as the centre piece of our PWP.

How would you like to be our guest for a session for the Australia e-Series. You name the time I will gather an audience.
When I get home I'd love to do that with you.  Let's chat then.


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