I'd love to get your reflections on the day.  What went well?  What didn't?  Where did you feel you really learned something?  What didn't we include that we might have?  What was your best take-away?

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Congrats Tom, great to see your blog post and your new posting over the moon. Wow those teachers and students are so lucky to have you.
I love the description - "as progressives in our profession we are sometimes battling elements of our system that don't want to embrace technology, and it was lovely to step out of that for a day". That's exactly how I felt/feel, thanks for putting it so eloquently (was going to say I couldn't have put it better myself but that is, sadly, too true, I couldn't have:(!).
And congratulations on your new job, obviously well-deserved
Geez, thanks guys. Just makes me even more convinced we should all start our own school together - where distance and time are irrelevant. I meant this as a joke, but now it's written down it doesn't seem so crazy... maybe, just maybe :)

Thank you for a great workshop it was inspiring and put reason to why I spend so much time networking and helping others build their e-capability. To be networked as an educator online offers us so much in terms of learning, inspiration and innovation.  I enjoyed your style of facilitation, plenty of connectivity and interaction.I will now use what I have learned to help my network of e-leaders build on their networking and social media skills.

It was wonderful being able to meet in person,someone that I have followed advice from on numerous occasions over the years. Hope you enjoyed your time in Australia. Regards Junita Lyon 

What a nice note, Junita.  Thank you!


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