I know that widgets, avatars and coded whosits and whatsits aren't (for the most part) highly educational. The students have fun and really enjoy posting codes into their blog sites to make their pages individual and unique. Have you had any success with finding sites that are appropriate resources for elementary blogging newbies?

So far, I have one:

Award Courtesy adrianbruce.com

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Sorry I can't help with that question. I just allow the students to add pictures to their posts. No widgets or gadgets for us.

Have you given Glogster EDU a try? Students can create a graphics blog that allows even the most elementary of bloggers to add pictures/videos/avatars/etc...to their pages. You as an instructor can also use it to assign homework/present in class. It's a paid service, but there is a 30 day free trial to get used to it, it's really worth it if you want to try something new.


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