Do you have a professional blog that you maintain? Or professional website? Separate from what you have your students use for classroom information? What do you see is the value in your site and what kinds of things do you think are a must have to include?


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You started a blog to complain about students? Interesting...


I looked at your blog, I thought it was very good. Definitely agree with the regular blog posts. If you aren't updating people will stop going there. 


I've been working on updating my blog and bio, it is a lot of work. I think when I am done it will be worth it. 

This continues to generate a lot of response when I talk about Teacher 2.0--like yesterday, with the Reform Symposium.  I like the phrase "Personal Web Presence," and some folks have even tweeted out today that they have created theirs since yesterday.  I use blogger for mine:

I think that it is essential to have an online space that 'brands' what you do, what you are passionate about, common grounds for further networking etc. As educators become increasingly networked especially on a global scale, a teacher blog (as distinct from a classroom blog) gives a space for further connection and communication.

An 'about me' page is essential, links to favourite resources and online sites, a variety of posts that are regularly added, some pages with specific information, further contact details eg twitter handle, diigo id etc A google translator widget will be useful for those who visit and do not speak English as a second language. Some widgets eg latest comments, clustrmap, archives of posts etc can be useful. 

I maintain a professional blog as a place for reflective practice and as a digital portfolio of my professional thoughts and activities. It suits me as like to reflect and to write. I know that many teachers do not feel they have the time for this, but personally, I enjoy the process and find it worthwhile.

I currently do not have a professional or personal blog, but I am learning about how to set them up.  I know that I will definitely have a webpage for my students to go to and will encourage them to be reflective of their work and life in general. I do, however, keep a personal journal.  I find this beneficial for self-reflection and am contemplating setting up a blog to write about my joys and concerns about teaching and inspiring others. 


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