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As Angela Maiers says, "you matter!" (http://www.angelamaiers.com)

What is something that you are good at? If you are feeling particularly confident, you can list several things!

Some questions to ponder:

  • How does doing them make you feel?
  • Do your students/children know what these are? 
  • Do you know what your students'/children's talents are?
  • How do you help others recognize that they matter?


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I like Laura's response re: enthusing :)

This is a talent I share as well.  Smiles, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, a love of flowers, always taking photos -- these are among the passions people report observing about me.

For those of you who are familiar with Meyers-Briggs, I have a solid ENFP personality.

My genuine enjoyment and passion for what I am doing are apparent, and often especially appreciated by those around me.

I am curious, good-hearted, good-humored by nature.  My inquisitiveness often translates to positive listening skills, to a very real desire for all to feel included.

Building community, networking = additional skills I will claim.

All of these are linked with my need to feel welcome, appreciated, valued for who / what I am. When I help others feel this way, I tend to share the reward.

This is an interesting way to begin, a twist on the "one thing you want others to know / wish others knew about you" query.



I guess I can break tasks up into pieces and identify which are achievable and which are the more important or ones that need to be done before others can be achieved.This helps me in my role as a volunteer with NSW State Emergency Service and also as a teacher and mentor for other staff.

I am good at my role with State Emergency Service. My contribution helps people in need. As operations officer it is my job to look at all the requests for assistance and get suitable teams out to do the job as soon as possible. 

In my paid job as a teacher I have made a positive contribution to improving the teaching and learning for students and staff at a number of schools in my area.

Some of my talents are being a listener in conversations, singing, organizing space, cooking, knitting...

My kids have seen me perform most of my talents, and I think they appreciate them.  What I hope is that they will seek out the things they like to do.

These days, it seems all kids want to do is play video or computer games, watch YouTube videos or movies... anything passive.  They don't give themselves a chance to find out what they're good at.

You can let a person know that they matter, but can you convince them that what they do matters?  I think this is important--especially these days when accountability stakes are so high.  I see kids getting nervous; they've stopped trying, and it worries me.

I wish I can be a listener, singer organizer, cook, knit. Michelle you have many talents, you are blessed.

I have discovered over the past semester that I am good at helping teachers and students learn how to use new pieces (for them)  of technology and then helping them discover how best to use these tools to enhance learning. I absolutely love the excitement that comes from my friends when they learn something new and then are successful using it. That makes my day!

I wish I can be a listener, singer organizer, cook, knit. Michelle you have many talents, you are blessed.

I am passionate about learning for myself and for others. I am really good at:

  • sharing my enthusiasm for learning with others
  • listening and identifying my students interests,talents and the challenges that might be barriers for them
  • internal reflection of challenges and success
  • sharing my enthusiasm for innovation and trialling new ways of thinking and doing

I feel alive and full of energy when I am able to use my talents to help others to learn. These are aspects of myself that are near impossible to hide from my students. I feel privileged to share this journey with others. It is both a fascinating and exciting component of this journey when you help students to identify their own talents. Observing the growing awareness of an individual as they learn of their talents and the importance of their strengths is a gift and for me a crucial part of connection with others. Igniting enthusiasm, curiosity and encouraging thought of the unthinkable or unimaginable.

I have specialised in numeracy and project based Digital Technology teaching. Both very different in their development and facilitation but with the same rewards of student self belief in their abilities. Involving students in "real world" projects with face-to-face authentic community clients has been rewarding for all involved.

I am a good photographer and it makes me feel wonderful. I love the entire process of photography. And yes, both my students and my children know how much it means to me. It is one of my greatest pleasures as a teacher, to share my passion for photography with my students. And I love it when they show me their videos and photographs.

I think a particular strength that I have is the ability to look at a problem from several perspectives and to consider possible solutions from those perspectives as well. I often apologize for being such a "Negative Nelly" but in my role, I have saved the folks I work with a lot "back tracking". It is some times difficult to know how I am perceived. I believe in risk taking but calculated risks. I work primarily with adults and I believe that because of my role "coach" I am aware of many of their strengths though I tend to focus on their weaknesses, in an effor to minimize them. I do however try to do this through a strength that they have.

I can honestly say that I AM GOOD AT SHARING TECH TOOLS AND TIPS.  I love sharing technology integration methods and resources with teachers and teachers and I do it well.  I feel empowered when I have the opportunity to share what I do in my classes with others.  Many times what I show off is not an exemplary example but an average example of the work that we have completed. I think that the focus should be on the technology resources and steps taken to produce the work.  I want teachers to see our Weebly ePortfolios and think that they are great but I also want them to think of ways to improve upon what I have done.

This is an excerpt from my blog - http://2blog2share2learn.edublogs.org/2012/04/07/i-am-good-at-shari...

I am very good at asking critical and thought-provoking questions.  I question everything constantly and I try to pass this tendency, skill, talent—what have you—onto my students.  I believe in doing so I have had great success. 

Another talent that I have is connecting to students.  I have a great rapport with students and have achieved this through creating a culture of mutual respect in my classroom and in giving students a great deal of freedom in what they do, how they learn, what they and are assessed.  I try to understand students as individuals as much as I possibly can and I believe they know and appreciate this.  I am learning more and more just how talented my students are inside and outside of the school day.

I am also very good at research and finding good and relevant information.  I am obsessed with information and I love sharing great content.  If I know you are interested in something that I come across, you are going to hear about it!

I am also rather skilled at the use of technology and in the integration of technology into the classroom.  It was not always this way.  In high school (at the dawn of the internet) I despised computers and I firmly believe they despised me.  I was always quite sure that when computers took over the world I would be one of the first targeted for destruction or enslavement.  When I started teaching I realized what an asset technology can be to education and how relevant it was to students.  I made it a personal goal to become efficient at the use of computers and technology.  I am now very skilled in many areas and often help other teachers use and integrate technology into their classrooms. 

I really like computers and try to learn as much as I can.  Been a cataloger and a systems librarian for many many years.


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