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As Angela Maiers says, "you matter!" (http://www.angelamaiers.com)

What is something that you are good at? If you are feeling particularly confident, you can list several things!

Some questions to ponder:

  • How does doing them make you feel?
  • Do your students/children know what these are? 
  • Do you know what your students'/children's talents are?
  • How do you help others recognize that they matter?


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Well, I am good at ENTHUSING. When I see things I like, I get excited and I am good at sharing my excitement. I'm not sure if it's a talent, or a habit... or sometimes even a bad habit (my poor husband has to put up with a lot of my jumping up and down, clapping of hands at things that I like, etc. when we are watching a movie or sports on TV, ha ha).

Anyway, this helps me a lot in interacting with my students. I teach a project-based course and I get really excited about my students' projects, each and every semester. If the day comes when I don't get excited, well, I guess that means I need to find a different job! But somehow I don't think that is going to happen: for better or worse, ENTHUSING is a talent that I have and it is something that helps me a lot in my job as a teacher. I like to think that everybody appreciates a good dose of positive enthusiasm: when I get sincerely excited about what my students are doing, I hope that helps them realize that all their good work matters to me a lot! :-)

I am a cheerleader of the mind, ha ha:


(Coloring Pages for Kids)

Yes, I think this is a GREAT talent of yours!
I love this! Exactly how I feel lots of times :-) Enthusiasm will convince half a room quickly that they are doing something very cool. The day I quit feeling this way, I will retire. That's a long way off!

Laura, I love the image of you as "cheerleader of the mind!"  So true! :-)

I am good at taking charge of things. 

I feel productive and helpful.

I think my students see that about me.

I try to recognize my students talents and interests so they can incorporate that into their projects, I have no less expectation than that they will change the world!


You ARE good at taking charge of things, and that makes you very productive and helpful.  :)  Hey, check out my Teacher 2.0 course/"experience" at Mightybell - https://mightybell.com/experiences/3ff5259e1c4d9948-Teacher-2-0 - which is where this post came from.  I think you in particular are going to love this.
Way ahead of you! That is where I found this post :)
You are always ahead of me--no huge surprise, then!
I am a thespian and I am good at motivating my students with songs, verses, games and drama games with lots of enthusiasm!!
Awesome.  And how tall is very tall?
I'm creative. I'm good at creating cool lessons and fun activities. I'm good at creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in my classroom. I help others recognize that they matter by respecting them, by treating my students as REAL people, by listening to them.
I love how so many of the talents being described relate directly to educating.  You sound like a GREAT teacher.


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