I am looking to connect with classes around the world, grades 3-6, who are interested in early access to beta testing of a new innovative game, where kids can trade knowledge, collect it and play with it.

It's going to take about 6 months before we're ready with the beta version - but this is a really great opportunity not only to get an early access to this game, but also to affect how it is further developed.

The game is supportive of the Common Core Standards in Language Arts. It's aimed at supporting kids' curiosity and creativity while expanding their general knowledge.

Please let me know if you're interested and where your class is located.

This opportunity is open to any class with English speaking students around the world. Will ship European languages later.

Please feel free to feedback or ask anything either here or in a direct private message.

**Since I was asked: this is free. 

The whole idea behind this development is idealistic.

I want kids to be able to develop their independent learner, wherever they are, independent of their economic background.

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