If you or someone you know has earned their doctoral or PhD degree, I'm wondering if you know where these people tend to gather together online? It seems every possible segment of society congregates online in various groups, communities and niche social sites.

With that being said, where have you seen doctoral graduates, faculty and students gather together for discussion and interaction in an open forum online? I would be curious to know, so please post your Comments below with websites, links or groups you know of!

(To help fill a gap, we've started a growing community on Ning that you're welcome to visit using the link below.)


- Dr. Cheryl

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Hi Cheryl,

As an educator with an Ed.D. with many professional colleagues with doctorates, I personally don't choose to connect with them by virtue of our degrees. I choose to connect with them because of our common interests (research or otherwise), passions, and opportunities for collaborating on resources for continuing to learn and grow professionally. There seem to be many educators with doctorates in the professional organizations such as ASCD, ASBA, AERA, IRA, TICAL, iNACOL, etc. and while I belong to many of these organizations and collaborate with members in them, it would be because of a common interest rather than because of our degrees. With so many social media tools at our disposal it is easy to create a group for any purpose and invite others who share that interest to join. I tried to view the Ning that you have created but it says you can only access it by invitation and wouldn't allow me to join.

Thank you for your thoguhts Peggy.  I appreciate your taking the time to share your expertise.


I would be happy to share an invitation to our site.  Please send along your email address to drcheryllentz@gmail.com and I'll send one along.   We also have various groups on Facebook and Linked In as well.


Thanks again. Cheryl


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