What are the most important things you've done this past year for your personal and professional growth?

I'm interested in what activities or resources have really helped you discover your passions or have allowed you to make significant personal or professional growth.

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I think it would be really interesting to collect whatever sites/resources you discover for being an effective on-line instructional professional and make them available.  I also wonder if there isn't a community for on-line instructors--in fact, there may be several.


For sure, start a group here (or a forum discussion) for on-line instructors so you can have a conversation that helps you find those things!

I am enrolled in and have completed 8 courses in Boise State Educational Technology and Online Teaching Master's Degree! I am loving this program. I have learned so many new things. They are the ones who introduced me to the world of Personal Learning Networks like this one. Before attending, I didn't know these existed. This is a great way to connect and collaborate.
Yes, it is amazing how these tools help.  Thanks for being here.

Being a technology teacher, it becomes easy to get into the rut of praising technology at all times and for all situations. However, it is important for a teacher to know that pedagogy comes first. This year, that has been my focus - to ensure that I am progressing in my general teaching practice as well and not just ideas for technology integration. There are a plethora of ideas out there already - how to use them effectively and in keeping with the principles of teaching and learning is the key. Currently in the later half of my Masters of Education from University of Toronto, I tried to take courses that would enhance me holistically as an educator.

This is a great perspective.  And one that I think I've heard echoed many times.  I do think the technologies of participation are helping to create a renaissance in pedagogy--I think you might find the interview I did last night with Troy Hicks on digital writing to be a really good listen in this regard:  http://www.futureofeducation.com, look for the recording link to the left.
I have taken courses on nuerosciences to apply what I have learned in my classroom. As well, I have read several books on MOODLE and started some courses which are supplementary to my face to face meetings with my students. All hard work, but worth it!
I'm really interested in how the neuroscience courses have informed your teaching.  Seems like you are being really proactive!
Edcamps: I had been following the success of Edcamp Philly last year and the rise of edcamps all over the country.  This Spring I went to Edcamp Plano, the first Edcamp in Texas.  There, people convinced me that there needed to be an Edcamp in Central Texas (we are a pretty big state after all).  So, I am making it happen.  Edcamp Manor will be October 22nd at our school.  I am enlisting educators from around the Austin area and I am (trying) to keep from having to burden anyone from our school district - I want them to all be able to participate that day.
Terrific~!  Way to go!
I would say twitter and webinars provided by simple k12. I have learned so much from both. I'm always looking for new ideas, tools, anything that keeps my students engaged and interested.
Τwitter is my first answer. It is a valuable "place" with lot of information about every educational object you can imagine. Second answer is my involvement in a MOODLE project and of course all the stuff I had to read about. Now I am searching for books to read about forming teams in classroom and make them collaborate each other.
Awesome.  I looked through one issue--what a great idea.  Who did the actual magazine layout, and how long did that normally take?  Was it also a student?  And you used an open source program!


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