What are the most important things you've done this past year for your personal and professional growth?

I'm interested in what activities or resources have really helped you discover your passions or have allowed you to make significant personal or professional growth.

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This a great site to share with fellow teachers.I have tried a number of things from the google educational applications and have help teachers use Moodle and twitter and facebook
Twitter has been my source recently. I had been toying with PLN idea for about a year but this summer my professional growth opportunities have increased dramatically. I know several friends who are likely tired of my "sharing" so much. I am so excited to continue to learn and am really looking forward to this year. I have 2 co-teachers who are going to start their own PLN journeys as part of their required professional growth plan.

Terrific.  I'm curious to watch 1) how Google + impacts Twitter, and 2) if Twitter is robust enough for long-term PD versus a network with forum discussions, etc.  Thanks!

I am getting a degree in Enlgish teaching on line.  I have studied linguistics. 

 I have started taking college classes that will lead to a technology endorsement. This the the most important thing that I have done in several years as far as professional growth. The first class has forced me to join arenas that I would not have considered before, such as blogging. I have also been introduced to Web 2.0 tools that I would not have tried otherwise. I am especially excited about using story-bird, to help encourage the students to write for fun.

  My most significant personal growth has come from teaching an early morning religion class. I am teaching Old Testament to 15 and 16 year old students who voluntarily come at 6 am, one hour before school starts. Professionally I teach K-5 in the library, so teaching older students is a nice change for me. Having self motivated students is a nice change for me also. Aside from the spiritual uplift, the Old Testament has some of the most compelling stories ever written and delving into them more deeply has made me feel a connection with all of the "people of the book". This refers to Jews, Christians  and Muslims. Thanks for giving me this chance to share. I would love to know what you think of my activities. 

Great!  I taught a similar class for several years (LDS seminary?) and had great experiences.

Hello, Steve!

I attended courses  Oxford Quality, created my on-line courses and tried to work out my site,

but I myself have a lack of knowlege in IT

I have begun blogging both through a personal blog and as an educator.  I was initially surprised that the writing did not come as easily as I would have thought.   I have much more understanding now for my students during writing lessons.  As I pursue new literacies in my Graduate students, I have also been learning how to effectively use Google Reader to have important interests of mine find me rather than vice versa.   I love learning and just wish there was more time in a day!

Jennifer--I completely empathize with both feelings:  the work of writing, and the excitement of learning!  :)

I have found blogging to be one of the most important things that I do.  I'm glad you are keeping separate blogs so that you have focus.  It seems feast or famine. Sometimes I have 3 good blog post ideas in a row and other times I'll go over a month without blogging.  Good luck, it's worth it!

I have started e-learning  classes . This is the the most important thing that I have done this year as far as professional growth. My  first site helps me  in it . I have also been introduced to Web 2.0 tools that I would not have tried otherwise.

I have done my first site and continue working e-learning courses


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