What are the most important things you've done this past year for your personal and professional growth?

I'm interested in what activities or resources have really helped you discover your passions or have allowed you to make significant personal or professional growth.

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Twitter. I was not a fan of twitter at all until I went to a presentation on a PLN by Dr. Mark Wagner... who proceeded to talk the entire presentation about Twitter.  I created an alter twitter account just to follow people who tweet about education and tech... Twitter helps me to be connected to what is current, to be part of the conversation, and when someone posts an article I know it is good and valuable to read.
Twitter for me is a great example of how users have taken a Web technology and transformed it into something valuable for themselves.  And yes, it is one very good way to follow or become a part of the conversation (although daunting to the novice!).
Yeah, Twitter for me, too! Each year my PLN grows, and I learn more and more. Also, it seems the more I give the more I get back. LOVE That! I'm definitely happy I've quaffed the Twitter Koolaid!
I am the novice, who has an account, but have not embraced the concept.  This is a summer goal -- I like the reply above about following people about education and technology; hopefully, that by doing that I will be able to share with students in the fall some benefits for them.
Alice, et. al - I have to thank you (and everyone else) for posting/raving about twitter. I'm a reluctant tweeter, but after reading these comments, I gave in and ambled over there. I had to stumble around for my username and password, but once in, I immediately found out that the window for applying for Google Certification was closing in three hours! It may be asking a lot for the universe to let me into that sacred cadre after whipping-up an application so quickly, but I SO appreciated the opportunity to try. You have taught me a valuable lesson!

Twitter it a valauble tool in education.  Prior to my technology course I never felt a need or even understood Twitter.  However, after you (Alice Keeler) showed us all of the benefits the networking site offers, I think it is a vital tool in education.  Not only does Twitter help with networking it provides lessons, ideas, etc. 

I've tried Twitter a few times, but I just never really get into it. I have a few Facebook groups that I like, and for me those are useful for sharing resources and finding interesting stuff. But what I did this year that really helped rekindle my passion was start a blog about civics education. Constantly writing about it keeps me thinking about it and keeps me from getting stagnant and lazy.

I am passionate about being an innovative educator and continuing to develop best practices for using technology in my classroom. I am a faithful participate of Classroom 2.0 Live most Saturday mornings. I have learned so much about how to integrate technology tools into my lessons from these weekly webinars. I have also learned how to multitask during the sessions by sharing links and chatting with other participants. I have found some wonderful educators in the chat room to add to my PLN on Twitter and other online social media sites. We have brainstormed projects and set up ways to connect our classrooms.


I have also participated in the K12 Online Conference, The DEN Virtual conferences, the Reform Symposium, the Global Collaboration, and watched lots of conference sessions that are being streamed on sites like ustream. If I am available in the evening I attend the talks you host. You could say that I'm an on-my-own-PD freak. I love that I can access these wonderful PD opportunities for FREE from the comfort of my home (often in my pj's). I am also taking courses to earn a Master's in Educational Technology Leadership. (I will finish in December.)


Don't get me wrong, I love attending conferences in person. I can't wait to get to EduBloggerCon and ISTE in Philadelphia to meet up with my PLN members face to face and continue the conversations and collaborations we started this year online.


All of my online connections are leading to more opportunities for me to present to others either in person or online. Since I am so familiar with tools like Elluminate and WebEx from the participants' side, it was not too scary to become a presenter using these same tools. I look forward to continuing my learning journey and I thank you for making so many of these opportunities available to those of us who truly are lifelong learners.

You're a great example in so many areas.  I think you attend more events virtually than I do!

Twitter for me too. I found it all overwhelming and confusing at first but it has allowed me to find loads of new and exciting resources and ideas. But more than that it has allowed me to be part of the global conversation. This in turn has increased my confidence and my enthusiasm which has, I hope, made me a more effective teacher. It has also made me happier in my work and therefore happier all around.

There are so many more things I want to do. I am so looking forward to my holidays to allow me to investigate what I can do next!

Fun to hear about Twitter doing that for you.  I have a love/hate relationship with it because of my own personal need to not be distracted!

I have widened my horizons and have participated in webinars from Classroom2.0, Future of Education, Teachers Teaching Teachers, Seedlings, Discovery Education, eSchool News, and SimpleK12. I learn so much from the presenters, but even more satisfying is connecting with individuals in the chat. When some one positively responds to a comment I have made, it excites and empowers me and makes me feel I have value. In addition, I have become aware of so many amazing resources from the links dropped into the chat. I also have found many archived webinars that are of great value. Now, folks in my school are finally listening, and our professional development chair is committed to including participation in live/ and or archived webinars as viable options for professional development including receiving CEU's.

Finally, I am so pleased that interviews on Classroom2.0 with two different teachers were, in part, scheduled because of recommendations from me. That makes me feel as if I have some value as a contributor and not just a receiver of such great professional development.


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