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A personal web presence (PWP) is a site that tells other people about who you are. Depending on your age or habits, you can have very different responses to this kind of public openness! There are two really good reasons for setting up a PWP.

First, colleges are now asking  students for the link to their personal websites. This is a chance for students to manage their own online presences, rather than letting Facebook or a Google search represent them. Think of a PWP as an online portfolio or resume, and you can see how valuable this will be to a student--especially in a world where so many opportunities are now available to study or work on special interests or passions. Your students will need you to know how this is done, and to have you model it for them!

Second, this same world of opportunities around special interests and passions is not just for students! Many careers, including education, will now provide opportunities for those who thoughtfully showcase their interests and skills. One "non-promotional" way to think about a PWP is to show others how you might help them.

  • What PWP of an educator do you feel do a good job of representing him or her? (Feel free to list your own PWP!) 
  • What do you like about their PWP?
  • What do you think could be improved?
  • How do you feel this person chose to represent themselves on the Web? Is the PWP professional, personal, or both?
  • What features of this PWP would you copy, and which ones would you change?

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When I think about a personal web presence I think exposure. I think its important to contain and expand the content. 

I like the concept of a person web presence, instead of a profile or website. Rather than relying on a Facebook profile to see what a person's character is like is rather misleading. Often people will judge others based on who they are friends with or the kinds of pictures they post or what they "like." Whereas as a personal web presence gives a person the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner. Not every person is professional at all times, and a personal website provides that opportunity for future employers or current, to see how a person behaves when being professional is important and required.


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