As a bestselling author, I became exasperated by my 9 -1 4 year old children being able to multitask with a TV, PC and their mobile but never, ever read.

It was frightening, that books and true 'earned' knowledge as opposed to google knowledge was dying a death.

So I decided to do something about it.


Late March, was the worldwide launch day for my ‘kids’ book, The Black Hand Gang. I deliberately involved Facebook in the plot line.

I wrote it, as a moral crusade to get kids to read. 

Now it has gone viral in the USA and Arabia and no.2 on Amazon UK for kids.

The website, 

has a free electronic game of traditional swap cards that are based on the book, to encourage a child or youth to delve behind the game and find out more from the book. 

The book is also free and in all ebook formats from all the main retailers throughout the world. Unbelievably, most downloads are to mobiles. Another revolution in reading.

And it has been an incredible success mainly because mums have latched onto the concept.

So this was not for me, it is for ‘kids’ like my 2 sons and daughter, who can do 3 things at once but only if on a TV, PC and mobile….

it is also to keep mums (and teachers!) sane.

Please see what you think. Does it work?

All the best, David Edwards

Montreux, Switzerland, 


Using technology to encourage kids to read.  Also directly sold via Amazon.

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