ExamSoft, the leading provider of intelligent embedded assessment solutions, today announced a new rubrics assessment platform available for the 2014 Spring Semester.

The new solution, which is currently in limited release to clients, is an easy-to-use tool for capturing assessment data on subjective student work such as essays, OSCEs, papers, presentations, and class participation. The addition of rubrics to ExamSoft’s entire suite of software, will provide clients a consolidated and comprehensive picture of each student’s performance, regardless of the assessment type or delivery method. 

Previously, ExamSoft offered ways for faculty to engage students with detailed feedback data based on results from objectively scored assessments. Now, rubrics will enable faculty members to close the feedback loop with students by providing clear and actionable direction around subjective assignments and assessments students submit for grading. The clarity made possible by rubrics provides a format within which faculty and students can communicate and collaborate with each other and peers about students’ learning progress in a structured way. 

More information about rubrics can be found at learn.examsoft.com/rubrics.

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