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Carole McCulloch (CoachCarole)

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Trainers, Teachers and Toastmasters

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Revitalizing your Education Program with Social Media 

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How to revitalize your own self-directed education programs using online tools, collaboration strategies and social media! In this session we will collaborate on the design and development of a free professional development course called 'Social Network Champions'. 

Social Network Champions will be a short course in self-directed learning style for integrating social media and social networking into e-learning courses!

By completing the learning modules and practising the e-tivities, participants will become Social Network Champions.

This course will be suitable for teachers in all adult education environments where the implementation of social media and social networking are core elements.

In this session we will explore a selection of collaboration tools and strategies for designing this course. Participants will also be invited to provide feedback on the blueprint, storyboard and e-tivities planned for this course

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