I'd love to get your reflections on the day.  What went well?  What didn't?  Where did you feel you really learned something?  What didn't we include that we might have?  What was your best take-away?

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Hi Kim,

I am pleased that you're taking an eportfolio approach to change for your digital presence - it is most rewarding.

If you'd like to view today's Blackboard Collaborate session on iGoogle please access from this recording.

Thanks Carole

I am a beginner blogger and Elluminate user and am looking forward to consolidating and expanding my web presence. I need to use igoogle to its full potential and now understand about rss feeds, so thankyou!!

My best takeaways- being INSPIRED by the passionate and knowledgeable educators, signing up for Twitter, Linkin and Tweetdeck! And for the next professional learning team meeting I facilitate, I am going to use Wikispaces as a collaborative tool for the content. I thought this worked really well, and it will be a welcome change from the Death by Powerpoint meetings I usually attend!

Stay tuned as I build my PWP!

Thanks for facilitating a great day, Steve!


Can't wait to hear how everything goes!  And so glad about the Wikispaces connection--I agree!  You're most welcome!

Great day Steve,

You have really inspired me to extend my PLN'

The small discussion sessions were really worthwhile, I also love to here what other members of out professional community are doing.

Also a big plus for me was meeting some great new contacts, and meeting members of my PLN in the flesh !!



Yes, while breaking up into groups means people have different experiences, it's much better than lecture to me.  Glad you got inspired!

I really enjoyed pretty much everything about the day - the venue, catching up with old friends, meeting twitter friends face to face, learning about some new things, learning about new ways to use familiar things, the discussions, the opportunities to contribute....only downside was that it was all over too quickly.

I've come back eager to set up my ePortfolio and with renewed enthusiasm for writing on my blog.  I'm still struggling with how I can get the message of the value of the PLN out to other teachers.

Hi Heather,
I love the way you've shared your plans to set up your ePortfolio come and join some other ePortfolio enthusiasts at http://conversations.EpCoP.net.au or in the Ning for our MOOC at http://epcopmooc.Ning.com.au

I am just starting on a new journey with another group of newbies in blended elearning and I too want to encourage them to expand their PLN and begin their PWP. I think an ePortfolio approach will be a good Start.
Thanks Carole, i'll check those sites out.
I love how you've articulated this.  Yes, and HUGE THANKS to Andrew, Karen, Hamish, and the gang for such a great job organizing and for the food!

The day was a real pleasure. I felt so lucky to be around such a diverse bunch of educators, all of us in the expert hands of Mr Hargadon! As progressives in our profession we are sometimes battling elements of our system that don't want to embrace technology, and it was lovely to step out of that for a day.

Steve, the way you facilitated the day was a lesson in itself. We did the work, you allowed us to grapple with ideas and concepts and find peers that we could connect and collaborate with. Just like we should be doing in our classrooms. 

Thank you.

Tom Gamble.

PS I wrote my first blog post (well my first one addressed to my PLN anyway): http://notablankslate.global2.vic.edu.au/

PPS I got a new job today: I'm going to be co-ordinating a upper primary unit (5 teachers, ~110 students), with a focus on using ICT to allow students to explore their passions. I'm somewhere way over the moon!


Congrats on new job!


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